Apr 2, 2007

Photographic Evidence of a Weekend Well-Spent

This post shall, for now, only include photographs from the weekend adventures of this writer. Morning finds me awake very early as I am to travel on an intellegence mission. I have only as much time as it takes the coffee to brew, and then I must away to places which cannot be mentioned.

More later dear readers. Enjoy the scenes, however.

At the International Ball in Steelhead: Ms Christine McAllister and Mr Edward Pearse - East meets West

More of Steelhead's International Ball: The guest list included Lady BardHaven, Mr Abel, Mr Scaggs, Ms Picnic, and Ms Projects (or her evil twin...)

As always it was such a pleasure to dance with Mr O'Toole! Tis so good to spend time with friends who give one joy and make one laugh. Mr O'Toole and I are practicing a new dance, which includes the lift that we were preparing to do when this picture was snapped.

A scandal about to be made???
No - just good fun in support of Relay for Life.

Dear Professor Krogstad and me - the first dance of the night at the Caledon Anniversary Grand Ball.

Dancing with Mr O'Toole in his fine new Hussar uniform (thanks to Ms Tombola's hard work).

Such a lovely crowd on Ms. Hauptman's beautiful airship

Enjoying the final dance of the Grand Ball: Major Zuhal and Her Grace, Carntaigh (background), and Mr Wormser and me.


Edward Pearse said...

I was sad that time differences kept me away from the anniversay Ball. I hear it all went very well.

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

And you were truly missed sir. We are always pleased when you and your lovely lady are able to attend such functions.