May 1, 2007

Interrogation of a friend

The saga continues......

Several of my operatives in the field indicated to me that my friend, Mr. ZenMondo Wormser had been implicated by the villan, O'Toole. Mr. Wormser was reported to have created a code bomb for the renegades in order to prevent Duchess Riel and me from utilizing our Estate Management powers; therefore, ensuring that we were unable to knock him into space and out of Carntaigh. Those who were present at the Reconciliation Day ball will recall that we were dumbfounded when our powers were not working - at all. O'Toole merely sneered at us and said things which do not bear repeating.

I pulled Mr. Wormser into MI 5 for some questioning.

In the end, this is the deposition given:

In a recently intercepted dispatch from the Traitor O'Toole over the events at the reconcilliation ball, to my horror I have found myself implicated in a part of what happened that night.

To quote from the dispatch:

"Had a few words with the Duchesses-- they were threatening dire consequences to your humble servant. At this point I had to execute the malicious code worm for Carntaigh or that would have been the end of things right then and there. Again, as predicted, the code bomb did exactly as Agent Wurmser predicted. Estate controls crashed within seconds. Well worth the money you invested in the Code Poet's skills, sir!"

First I must protest that I am not an member of any Agency, as O'Toole doesn't even know how to spell my name correctly. But I must admit, with a heavy heart that the codebomb is indeed my work.

I was approached by Col. O'Toole then in good standing with the Caledon Militia, and a state of war existing between Caledon and Neualtenburg, with no news of reconciliation on the horizon. The code bomb was to be used as a weapon against Neualtenburg, and I was assured to be used only in the direst of circumstances.

That it was used against Her Graces of Carntaigh and Loch Avie has caused me to lose much sleep, seeing my creation used against those I am well known to serve wholeheartedly.

As to the second accusation against my good name, I took no money in the creation of this weapon. As I had thought I was serving my nation as a patriot, I donated the code, as I do all Code Poetry for free. I did not profit this in any way. Those of you who have used my services for the betterment of Caledon know this about me.

As a pennance (though I fear it may be too late) I am trying to construct a codeshelter that will will make future uses of the codebomb inefficient. It may be an impossible task, because of the fine craftsmanship of the original codebomb but I will at least put my sleepless nights to some use.


Colour Sgt. ZenMondo Wormser, CodePoet.

Methods, which cannot be discussed here, were used to ensure the truthfulness of his statements. I am well satisfied that he was also a victim of this nefarious plot.

the story continues.........

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Amber_Palowakski said...

I dearly hope that Sgt. Wormser is proven to be true and honourable in all of this, else I will be heart-broken.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

There appears some evidence to the contrary, but who am I to be believed, even with evidence? A duchess shall choose as she will..