May 23, 2007

Therapeutic Singing.....anastaa ajaksi Avustaa Elinikäinen???

Therapeutic Singing....appropriate for Second Life???

My human discovered that she will be traveling to Finland this summer. This came as a complete surprise to her when her spouse announced that his business will be sending him there for a European conference in July. In the mad dash to get as much information as possible on Helsinki, required visas, passport updates, etc., she discovered the Complaint Choir of Helsinki listed on the end of the wiki article.

The Complaint Choir??? This sounded too good to be true. Following the link to the youtube site, she discovered that there are MANY Complaint Choirs in the world. Why, oh why, has she never known about these before now?? She is a semi-professional singer after all. Good Lord, the fun that has been missed! The therapy of singing through all the injustices (minor and major) that might have been.....*sigh*

Nonetheless, she asked that I offer this selection up to you with the questions: Does Second Life have a Complaint Choir? If Second Life does not, should we start one?

Your comments are strongly encouraged.


Diamanda Gustafson said...

I don't know about SL, but my lady protector lives in Pittsburgh and is on a first name basis with the folks that founded the complaints choir there. I'd join them, but I have way to much stuff eating up my evenings...