May 20, 2007

The Tournament for Life - A Stunning Success!!

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You find me a most grateful and happy Duchess today. The Tournament for Life, which was devised to support the Relay for Life and to create a space for cultural exchange to take place, was a huge success. The Faire preceding the actual Tournament found most of my guests around the Kissing Booth. A certain gentleman was witnessed donating 40, 000 Lindens for the kisses of our fearless Relay for Life Captain, Ms. Lapin Paris. Well done, sir! And well done, Ms Paris!! The other events of the faire included a knife throwing wheel, a trebuchet, which catapaulted the rider into the waters of Loch Avie near the submarine wreck, found in full description here. Also found were a dueling station and the vending machines which contained all manner of items both Caledonian and Gorean.

Despite the lag in the arena during the tournament, all present described what a wonderful time they had. Sir Telemachus Dean, knight of the Order of the Red Rose and Thor's Hammer, Torvaldsland, was my colleague in the production of this tournament. He also served as referee of the matches.

Thank you, Sir Tele! I could never have done any of this without you. I have sworn fealty to you as you have to me. But please know that you also have my undying friendship and gratitude as well.

Elric Wilburg donated the arena itself and spent much time in the Loch ensuring that all was ready for the battles on the sands to begin. Please search for his work when you are in world. He is a most worthy gentleman. Thank you, sir!

Kalia Anatine, Sir Telemachus' sister, was also an essential part of the planning group. She mobilized the Gorean groups and obtained donations of Lindens, products, and services for our event. Thank you Kalia for all of your work. I am proud to know you, my sister.

Others that must not be forgotten for their efforts: Alfonso Avalanche, Kate Nicholas, Oolon Sputnik, Darkle Sands, Fushia Begonia, Hotspur O'Toole, cinde fete, Brutis Wandin, Gabrielle Riel, Lapin Paris, and the sluts of Torvaldsland.

I would be remiss if I did not send a special note of gratitude to the High Jarl of Torvaldsland, Thor Nielsen. Without his full support of this event, we would not have achieved the successes that we did. High Jarl, I look forward to traveling in your lands again soon. Thank you!

Thanks also to the dignitaries who found it in their hearts to donate 3000 Lindens per seat in the VIP section of the arena.

Now for the news that you have all been waiting for.....


I await the final amount once the vendors are totaled.

Thanks to all!!!

Ever in service to Caledon, I am-
Eva Bellambi
Duchess Loch Avie

(OOC p.s. My apologies for the one grammatical error on the photos...I cannot seem to edit this show. *sigh*)