Oct 2, 2007

On Spiders and Sparring

Last night Loch Avie was privileged to host several friends and a much fun and silliness.

When I walked out of Taigh Ròis is last evening to make my rounds on the Loch, I noticed that a few folks were over on the practice green area. After making sure the pub house had full kegs and bottles, and that all things were progressing as expected in the distillery, I walked to the green.

To my happy surprise His Grace of Cymru, Viderian Volmer, and Miss Martini Discovolante were still chatting at the practice green when I arrived. Sir Adso, having also seen the green dots on the map, was not far behind me.

After a little while the conversation turned to planning for the All Hallows Eve celebrations. That's when the most remarkable creature appeared. A fantastical spider that Miss Discovolante had created. Of course....we had to test it out!

Flying the Mighty Spider

Taigh Ròis from the back of a spider.

(left to right) Sir Adso Krogstad, The Spider, Me, Miss Discovolante, Equine (Cymru's son), Cymru, and Dr. Mitsu Figuro

(same group as above) We can hardly believe our eyes.

Sir Adso tries out the spider as I look on.

Our happy little group grew and grew. Eventually there were about 10 of us there at the green. When Sir Tele popped into world, I IM'd him to inquire whether he would like to join the fun, knowing he would not be able to resist the sparring opportunities that would surely follow.

And so they did. I was able to get one lesson in with him as the others were talking. Then Miss Gustofson and Colonel Somme joined us for some team battles. Colonel Somme posted his first kill in the practice field. Me! But as I told him, death on the Loch Avie fields is temporary, and I was happy to provide some training success for him. :-)

Mr 1Wuz Gray blowing smoke rings.

We watch as Sir Tele and Cymru spar on the green

Then the free for all battles started! Much hilarity ensued....and much serious battling, too (including with the SL lag issues as the Loch stats seemed to be functioning well, but we still had enormous lag with our meters and our actions).

The participants in all the Free for All Battles were: Sir Tele, Loch Avie, Cymru, Diamanda Gustofson, Colonel Somme, and Colonel O'Toole

All in all a very fine evening on Loch Avie.