Oct 4, 2007

An Update on the Current Breast Cancer Research Charity Event

Exciting news!

The site has been up and running now for nearly 3 full days, and so far the funds raised are $3060.00. Not bad for a bit less than half way through the Thon. Last year, the site raised over $9000.00, which means that about 185 people donated the $50.00 to get to the Pay per Boobie pages. These funds go to the Susan G. Koman Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

The main publicity for this charity is via blogs and word of mouth. This year, the founder has been on a few radio stations promoting the site as well. My purpose is not to promote myself in ANY way, but to make the charity known to you....and to have a little fun along the way. We are all curious about one another and the humans behind the avatars. If I can get even 10 residents of Caledon (or any of my other blog readers) to donate, I will be thrilled.

With that thought in mind, I wanted to let you know that 4 residents of Caledon tell me that they have been to the site. One gentleman let me know privately that he had donated, and upon review of the photos, did indeed locate my typist's collection of photos. He was correct! The others who have gone to the site have told me they have done so, but did not yet mention whether they donated the $50 to see the uncovered photos. They also have not told me if they even located my human on the main gallery page.

Please, feel free to contact me via IM in world, comment here, or my email to let me know.

And please donate!


Telemachus said...


four Caledon men admitted to going to the site? Well, I make five, and guess what...the rest can't type with one hand. I am quite sure many a Caledon gent (and gentlewoman) browsed the boobies...I mean, this is the IM group that can't go 30 seconds without double entendre.

I noticed today that donations have ended...one cannot pay 50 dollars to see the full display even if one could (hypothetically, of course) explain the donation to one's wife...

A great cause, and I must say, a wonderful, wonderful way to spend time, even if all I saw were the freebies. I would applaud, but well, you know, that takes two hands...

Sir Tele

Now...how many Lindens to the correctly guessing gent for the downloaded jpegs...IM me quietly :)

/me grins