Oct 21, 2007

Miss Frequency Picnic's Rez Day Bash

High above Caledon Middlesea, on Friday night just passed, we celebrated the first year of Frequency Picnic's Second Life. It was a most un-Victorian party, which is quite fantastic on occasion. Being that we were 600 meters up, we were free to celebrate as it pleased the Rez Day Girl. Hotspur O'Toole extended and decorated his party deck Upstairs and the party space was created.

Dancing in honor of Freq - high above Middlesea at Polymath Upstairs

The party was equal parts fun and fantasy, comedy and sport, naughty and sweet....really very very fun. The crowd assembled was just as eclectic, with many representatives from the Hobo community as well as a few Caledonians and Steelheadians. One thing I have discovered over the course of my friendship with Frequency and Hotspur (Good lord, I think it has been nearly 8 or 9 months now!) is that when their Hobo friends get together with them they know how to have a lot of silly fun. And they all seem to have more avatars, costumes, and toys than anyone I know -including Exrex Somme. ;-)

The evening was highlighted by some very fine mud wrestling, girls on trampolines, plenty of great music and dancing, and lots of wishes and hugs for the Rez Day girl.

Freq in Cage Left

Jamison: Cage Right

Freq and I tackle our host into the mud.

Things got Hot Hot HOT. Is this Tele after all that mud wrestling with the women at the party?

Uh - no. I guess not.

Flaming Eva

Finally most of the folks decided it was time to head off to their beds (we did have to call a ride for a few of the revelers who had enjoyed their drinks and the hookah a little too much. And I would not be surprised if H found a few sleeping it off in hidden corners of Upstairs.). A few of us kept the music going and talked for a good long while after the others left. Really a great time!

Amplebeak, Gloire, Hotspur, me, and Frequency dance the last few dances in the wee hours of the morning.

Thanks for giving us the excuse to party, Freq! You have my love and wishes for another happy year in SL!