Oct 29, 2007

Spectacular Spooktacular

The weekend found me up to the wee hours of the morning dancing on the tombs of Lord Bardhaven's ancestors along with many other well-gothed Caledonians. To say that the event was a success would be an understatement.

Our dark host - Lord Zealot Benmergui

And our lovely hostess, Lady Kirawill Collingwood

The music, selected by Bardhaven himself, placed into a playlist and broadcast by my cousin, Gabrielle Riel, on her one year anniversary of being a DJ in SL, was perfect. The mood created in the sim by Lord and Lady Bardhaven was perfect for the season. And the little hidden treasures, gifts, and otherworldly surprises added to the experience for anyone brave enough to go searching.

The whole event caused me to reflect on the pagan nature which remains inside me from my ancestors of old....those who danced around Dunadd and Dál Riata in the ancient times.

Enjoy these few shots from the event for a little taste of what was created in that space.

Carntaigh, Murdann, and Loch Avie work the graveyard

Serra Anansi and Turing Weyland in the foreground

One of many apparitions that joined in the revelry that night.

In full swing.

(left to right) Serra, Gabrielle, Amber, Eva.
Diamanda is in the background.

Snow fell for a brief period of time...reminding several of us of real life trick or treat nights of long ago.

An undead Lord Greystoke. Eeek!

Gateway to great evil? or great pleasure? I leave it to those who encountered what was behind those doors to decide for themselves.

Here I am in the Siren's Grotto. A very comfy throne, but next time I wear my mermaid avatar.

Here I am toward the end of my time at the party, which went on for another 2 hours after I left, peering from behind my mask.

Happy Halloween! And thanks again Lord and Lady Bardhaven!


Kira said...

I'm so glad you had fun!! It was a fantastic night, full of revelry. We're already in planning for next year!

Kirawill Collingwood
Marquessa d'Illyria, East Speirling Isle