Nov 18, 2007

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World!

>>insert evil laugh here<<

Friday night found me in Steelhead for the Mad Scientist Themed dance. Really. What better theme for a fellow of the Royal Society could there possibly be? So I went to my closet and pulled out the blood soaked lab co--erm--pardon me, I mean I went to SL Exchange and found the perfect deep red lab coat to wear.

The evening was most amusing thanks to the musical selections of Fuzzball Ortega, and the comedic conversations of those of us in the crowd.

A good time all around....even for a trio of Mad Scientists looking for victims - er rather study subjects. (Someone give the IRB a call, would you? We need to move this research along.)

Hotspur O'Toole, Eva Bellambi, and TotalLunar Eclipse
Mad Mad Mad Scientist Trio

CeAir Decosta, and Miss Lumina

(left to right) Eva, Lunar, Edward Pearse, and Klaus Wulfenbach