Nov 27, 2007

Making Improvements Thanks to My Fencing Instructors and a Little Exercise

I came in world last night fully intending to get the Loch more prepared for the St. Andrew's Day festivities. And I accomplished many of the tasks: the small Victorian Skating Rink is installed and fully operational, the ground has been covered with more snow and the snow fall continues, several more trees were planted, and the sky arena is made ready for the Tournament. There are still things on the list, of course, but it will all get done by Friday morning so that our guests will be able to fully enjoy the celebration.

Speaking of the Tournament, we now have eight (8) entrants, which is very exciting. I spoke with Sir Telemachus briefly last evening (more on that in a bit) and he will be creating the matches very soon. We have entrants from 5 of the Duchys thus far. If others contact us with fighters to send forward, then we may need to do a little adjustment on the schedule...or set time limits for each round. Clan bragging rights are at stake here - all in the name of good fun - so we want to make sure all Duchys who wish to be represented are able to send forward a champion. Sir Tele will take good care with this as he works on the schedule.
As I was watching the snow fall, I received a call on my private line letting me know that there were plenty of opportunities for some fencing practice Upstairs. I quickly headed over to find several members of our fencing team practicing. Miss Bryndal Ellison, Miss Hermoine Pennyfeather, Sir Amplebeak Tinlegs, and Colonel Hotspur O'Toole.
Miss Ellison was gracious enough to send me the team uniform upon my arrival, and after she finished her close match with Sir Amplebeak, she allowed me to practice with her.

Here I am (in the black boots) making an attack on Miss Ellison. Following the cards closely as I have been taught by my mentors and coaches, Exrex Somme and Hotspur O'Toole (seen here sitting on the sidelines providing pointers).

En Garde, Miss Ellison!

Coach Somme and Coach O'Toole!! This one's for you!

(I'm sure it won't stand for long....but at least I have it now for posterity's sake.)

Soon we heard from Lord Greystoke that Lady Middlesea was celebrating her Rez Day, so we changed into something less..erm...white...and headed to Greystoke for the celebration and much ice skating. Lord Primbroke provided the lovely music.

Here I am stretching those sore muscles as I skate about the pond with my fellow revelers.

Ah - relaxation.

Just as I was bidding farewell to everyone at the party, I had an IM from Sir Telemachus that he was in world, and that we needed to discuss the tournament. Once I got home to the Loch we discussed this (as mentioned above) as we skated around my own little rink. (Oh by the way, we have ice in Nellie's Cove which will likely see some skating as well.) As we flew up to the arena - skating on air I might add - Tele said off the cuff, "We should really try fighting with the Claymores while we skate."

It was too silly to pass up! I immediately pulled out my Claymore, skated around the sands of the arena (only in SL!) and we battled! I wish I had the wherewithall to take some snapshots, but I was laughing too hard. I highly recommend this diversion to all who would take it up.

What a great night in Caledon!


Hotspur O'Toole said...

Congratulations on your fencing victory, Miss Eva! That was quite an upset! May you ever draw the card you need, and know what to do with it!



Hermoine Pennyfeather said...

I am sooooooo happy you got a nice clear shot of that scoreboard *grins.