Nov 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Formal Ball - Another in the Caledon Social Season Series

What a grand success in my estimation!

Lady Kirawill Collingwood, Baroness Bardhaven, Marquessa East Speirling, was gracious enough to accept my invitation to co-host this event on rather short notice last week. Over the course of three days or so, she helped me plan for the event and prepare the Loch for the ball. My sincere thanks go to her. Now, Lady Kirawill--imagine what we could do if we had a whole week to plan something together! *smiles widely*

I also must send my thanks to Edwina Heron, His Grace Murdann, and to Mitsu Figaro for assisting with the group announcements, making the music happen on such short notice, and for advice and assistance with a few other technical issues.

This being an official event of the Social Season, it was formal, and dancing was planned with notecards. The movement between partners seemed to happen quite smoothly and I was pleased.

I did not, however, bring Taigh Róis out of the mist for the event. Instead we created a dancing venue under the stars, and the effect was quite lovely.

Comments were heard about this dance feeling much as the balls of the early days in Caledon. I took that as a very high compliment indeed. All comers were gracious, beautifully attired, and of course, the debutantes were as lovely as could be. The conversations were most interesting and varied. And surprisingly, though the sim hosted over 40 people throughout most of the event, there was not a griefer to be found. We did have a few visitors fly over out of curiosity, but no problems at all. And the sim held very well.

Our beautiful setting in Loch Avie. A view of the ball at the mid-point in the evening.

Newlyweds, Lady Kintyre and Sir ZenMondo Wormser enjoying the dance floor together.

Colonel Hotspur O'Toole, and Miss Frequency Picnic trip the light fantastic.

Here I dance with Mr. Iason Hassanov, who quite literally swept me off my feet.

Lancer, Mr Gryffin Hax, and Miss Messmer enjoy a slow dance together.

Mr. Expedition Offcourse and Miss Diamanda Gustafson

Dancing with Mr. O'Toole as the revelers continue to arrive.

I was thrilled that Mr. TotalLunar Eclipse arrived from Steelhead and joined us for part of the ball.

The now famous Waltz-Jig with Lady Darkling. We kicked off our shoes under all those skirts and felt the cool marble on our toes as we thoroughly enjoyed the bagpipes playing.

View from 1500 meters. (OK - so I took a little liberty there with the distance - but you get the point.)

Lord Primbroke - I think he must have been pining for his Lady. She should return soon, sir. Chin up.

A lovely tango with Sir ZenMondo. His wife can be seen dancing with Miss Lane (one of our debutantes this season) in the background.

Dancing with my cousin, Her Grace Carntaigh (foreground). We are happy that she has returned to us from that strange place called Hollywood.

And finally - My dear friend and co-host for the evening, Lady Kirawill, and I waltzed in our Caledonian colors as we plotted future grand events together.


Anonymous said...

Your Grace, you are too kind! My limited (and regrettably blunt) comments were a small thing.

Thank you for posting such lovely photos of the evening. I am sorry I was unable to attend.

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

I regret I missed the opportunity to dance with either of our lovely hostesses, but due to a last-minute errand, I arrived on the wrong foot (so to speak). Next time, I hope to claim a spot on your dance card, Your Grace.


Klaus Wulfenbach