Nov 13, 2007

Taigh Róis - Enchanted

"Hmmm. Sometimes I just need more prim space." I mumbled to myself.

"How can we have tournaments, or fly large aircraft, or fight ironclad battles, or have less lag-filled gatherings, or release the wild haggis without more prim space?"


I love Taigh Róis. It is my home and it already holds many special memories for me. It also houses many mementos of my life here in Caledon. But I need it to be visible all the time? This is Second Life after all. Anything is possible.

I searched through the tomes housed in my library. The ancient soft leather volumes handed down to me from White Ladies of the Clan. My fingers caressed the edges of the yellowing parchment. As I opened the book, I heard the sound that is beloved by many an avid reader... the crackling of the book spine as it opened. Then the familiar scents of my grandmother's home wafted into my nostrils as I flipped the pages gently searching for the words I needed to accomplish my task for the night.

"Ah! Yes! These will be perfect."

Touch the lintel and touch the wall,
Nothing but blessings here befall!
Bless the candle that stands by itself,
Bless the books on the mantles and shelf,
Bless the pillow for the tired head,
Bless the hearth and the light shed.
Friends who tarry here, let them know
A three fold blessing before they go.
Sleep for weariness - peace for sorrow
Faith in yesterday and tomorrow.
Friends who go from here, let them bear
The blessing of hope, wherever they fare.
Lintel and windows, sill and wall,
Nothing but good, this place befall.

After blessing the house and my possessions, I stepped outside into the night air.
Pulling a rose from my trellis, I whispered a few words to the air, and the rose flew from my fingertips into the ground. As it did so, it transformed into something all crystal, metal, and light.

I walked around the house touching the cool of the stone and masonry. My mind was clear save for the feelings of warmth that my home was creating in me.

Suddenly a fog began to swirl around me. Around Taigh Róis. Around the mountain.

And then it was gone.

But there was no concern or anxiety. There was peace knowing that Taigh Róis can return any time I desire it to be so.

And now....
Let the lag-free fun begin!

*smiles widely*