Mar 19, 2008

As Promised - Details about the Lady's Auction

*Humming*: Money can't buy me love. Can't buy me luh-uv. Luh-uv.... I don't care too much for money. Money can't buy me love.

Ah, but this Saturday, March 22nd, Lindens donated to the SLRFL can buy you a date with one (or more) of our lovely Caledonian Ladies. Representing many of the Provinces of Caledon, the list of those of us "on the block" includes:

Autopilotpatty Poppy
Bryndal Ellison
Carricre Wind
Eladrienne Laval
Eugenia Burton
Eva Bellambi
Frequency Picnic
Fuschia Begonia
June Wozniak
Kay Robbiani
Kiralette Kelley
MaeraLeFey Messmer
Martini Discovolante
Samantha Glume
Scotti Lyle
Shylah Garmes

The article that preceded this one contains some more specific information as does this fine article in Lord BardHaven's ætheric location.

I had a chance to visit the location for the actual event. The choice of Amiaguas Mauritius was quite a brilliant idea. The seaside location is perfect for an event which would have us loosen our stays a bit, let down our hair, and have a good time all in the name of raising funds for the international war on cancer.

The other brilliant bit is that you can bid NOW. The location is open and you may peruse the placards for each wonderful lady and even place your bid(s) ahead of time, particularly if you will not be able to join the group for the event on Saturday.

Let me share with you in pictures a little tour of the location (this may also give potential bidders for time with little ol' me an idea of date possibility 2 - beach and boating).

Late afternoon on the beach in Amiaguas Mauritius

Feeling cooler in the shade of the palms and ferns

Resting midst the Lovely Ladies of Caledon

As the coastal sunset crept over me, I found a cozy place by the fire.

*Singing*: Eva flies away. Dreams the world far away.....the good in her will be my Sunflower Fields.

Sunset. Wonderful.

Enjoy! And come out and support Cancer Research and Care. Support the SL Relay For Life!


Hotspur O'Toole said...


Driving up the bids already, are we?

Shameless, shameless...


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

All for a good cause, Colonel. All for a good cause.


Sir Tele said...


that very patriotic bikini gives new meaning to "raising the Caledon colors." I must think piggy banks are shaking all over our fair Continent...and how you can appear utterly composed and classy and be almost naked is testament to your remarkable spirit :)