Mar 17, 2008

Second Life Relay for Life

Any of you gentle readers who have frequented these pages in the last year (my God -it has been a year here in this ætheric location!) know of my strong support of those researchers and care-givers working to help those with cancer and to find cures for the many kinds of cancers that exist. If you are unfamiliar with efforts in the past, please feel free to browse the Red Rose here (Rites of Spring), here (The first Tournament for Life), and here (Boobie-Thon). You may also search the blog for other articles related to Cancer or the Relay, or Boobie-Thon.

Relay for Life®

Helping Those Touched by Cancer. By participating in an American Cancer Society Relay For Life® event near you, you honor cancer survivors, pay tribute to the lives lost to the disease, and raise money to help fight it.

When cancer affects you or someone you love, the American Cancer Society can lessen your fears and provide inspiration through our many programs and services - all free of charge and made possible through donations from local communities.
Your donations also give those touched by cancer answers to their questions and offer places to turn for help in their community through the Society's Web site, and the 24-hour toll-free number, 1-800-ACS-2345.

Empowering People to Fight Back Against Cancer
A cancer survivor's recovery involves much more than medical treatments - it takes hope to heal. By participating in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life®, those touched by cancer can feel empowered to fight back against this disease.

All of this is made possible because of activities like Relay For Life®. Are you ready to get involved? It's easy! Relay For Life® is about being a community that takes up the fight!

The Second Life Relay for Life is no less serious in it's fund raising efforts as we strive to end these horrible diseases. Relay For Life of Second Life has a web presence, which I encourage you to visit, and on the home page you will also see the team standings and the L$ raised to date.

With RL commitments as they are this year, it is somewhat difficult for me to be as involved as I might otherwise be; however, I certainly do wish to support the efforts of the Caledon teams and the overall SLRFL group.

What follows is information on the first event of which I will be a participant (I am hoping I will actually be present at the event party, but given the timing and my obligations to religious ceremonies during this time of the Christian year, I am not sure.)

The Auction:

As mentioned above I may not be at the event hosted by Lady Autopilotpatty Poppy on March 22nd. I am assured, however, that bids may be made ahead of time - and certainly during my absence if I am not there. Once I have details on this, I will pass the information along to you.

Obviously I am not the only Lady of Caledon who has determined that she is willing to donate some of her time for a date with the highest bidder (all proceeds going to SLRFL), but since this is my blog, I am only going to mention my date information presently. *smiles*

A Date with the Duchess

Sure you have seen the Duchess of Loch Avie as she hosts gala events. You may even know her for her grace under pressure...or for her good humor and friendliness. But have you ever spent more than 5-10 minutes chatting with her during a dance, or as you spar in the Loch? Do you know why she is called the Red Rose of Caledon? Do you know how she enjoys spending her time in SL?

Be the high bidder! Take this time to get to know the Duchess, the lady, the distiller, the woman.

Potential date itineraries:

1) Tour Celtic pubs across the Metaverse with the Duchess, a renowned distiller of whisky. Spend a couple of hours enjoying dancing, drinks, and conversation with Eva

2) An evening of sailing and maritime fun. Sit back and relax as the Duchess takes you to some of her favorite beaches and sailing spots. Feel the wind blow through your hair and the sea spray on your face as we sail on the seas; enjoy the sun (or moon) on your face as we sit and chat on a blanket on the sand.

3) Enjoy Big Band,Jazz and Blues? Come along with Eva for a tour through a few of her favorite music and dance spots. 1940s dress, optional.

4) Winner's choice may also be suggested.


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