Mar 29, 2008

Things That Are Real

A Walk in the Springtime
S. D'Angostino

Hands brushing
That first tentative touch as we walk down the lane together
Electricity coursing through our bodies at the nearness
Touches growing more bold
Fingers entwined
Walking ever deeper into the forest

The sound of rushing, falling water growing stronger
A small stone wall
We stop to admire the beauty of nature
The water rushing over the boulders in the river
A large waterfall - the spray rising to the sky
I feel your tentative touch of my shoulder
Skin nearly burning from your touch

Nervously, I lean into your body as our gaze remains on the water
Your solid strength filling my senses

Now more relaxed, but also highly aware
Aware of your skin, your scent, your touch
A hand sliding down my back and wrapping around my waist
And yet my gaze does not change

Somehow I hear of the birds singing in the trees around us
The water ever rushing
Breath on my neck and ear
Then a whisper
Asking permission to kiss me
I manage to turn and respond with a nod

Soft lips caress my own
Warm and gentle
As this first kiss ends, I look into your eyes
Flecks of gold sparkling into my own
I feel my lips trembling of their own free will
I am without power to stop them
Your hand reaches out to touch my cheek
To stroke my trembling lips

And for the first time I feel the way your eyes see into me
Eternally yours in that moment
In that first springtime moment
Now passed the point of turning back

We walk together ever forward down the path