Aug 22, 2007

Loch Avie Academy of Arms

Consider this the formal announcement from Loch Avie that the Academy of Arms is accepting new members. While anyone may obtain the weapons system designed by Tharikis Olafson for use in Loch Avie, membership will guarantee that one may train with Sir Telemachus or Sir Hotspur on the practice green in Loch Avie (by appointment or on first come basis) . Members of the group will also receive any announcements of new weapons, tournaments, training events, and the like prior to any general release of this information.

All are welcome to use the system in the Loch and the practice green as long as they follow the rules of civilised engagement in the sparing ring.

Please see some more detailed information in Hibernia on the Skids.

I have had the fortune to train with both Sir Tele and Sir Hotspur on the green and I believe that my skills are improving. I have also had the opportunity to spar with Miss Gustafson, Miss Laval, Mr. Szondi, Mr. Webb, and Mr. Goodliffe. Each of these experiences has increased my abilities with the very fine weapons system. My favorite is the large axe, followed by the Claymore (which is a beautiful weapon), and then the short sword and shield combination. I have yet to try my hand with the battle hammer.

This is proving to be an excellent exercise and fitness routine. Perhaps those corsets will be a bit less necessary in the near future. And it is also great good fun. I have found myself laying on the grass face down many times now. But I have also managed to send a few of my partners to the ground as well.

Here are a few pictures from my adventures:

Eva Bellambi, Warrior Duchess.

Instruction with Sir Telemachus

Plthbb. Choke. Grass is not your friend....but one can learn much if one chooses to get back up and fight again.

A WIN!! (the good teacher does not have to win every time in order to teach the skills)

Short sword and shield training with Sir Hotspur

Miss Gustafson battles an old friend of Sir Telemachus.

Mr. Goodliffe, Miss Laval, Sir Tele and I watch as Miss Gustafson battles the master fighter.

Colonel Somme arrives for his match.

Mr. Webb arrives for his lesson as well. Busy night on the Loch green.


Sir Michael L. Foley, 16th Baron of Xternetsa said...

Your Grace,

What steps should one take in world to join the Academy of Arms?

your servant,


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Mr. Goodliffe~

All one really needs to do is IM Sir Telemachus, Sir Hotspur, or myself. We can add you to the group easily enough.

Glad to hear of your interest!

Meg Kribble said...

Excellent! And may I say, your grace looks positively Buffalicious in training.

Eladrienne Laval said...

Upon my return I shall be spending more time at the sparring grounds. I do not wish to become out of practice!

Telemachus said...

I must second Ms. Kribble's comment...some of the Ladies' attire for the green, notably in this post her Grace's, is quite remarkable. Indeed, I believe my eyes drifted low for just a moment, before I was laid out in the photo here :)

But then I miss all the underwear parties...

I am very, very, very thankful to all who helped bring this to the Loch, and for all who play on the green with us. I went to Roma today (my first trip) and after I got togaed and put on my new titler, one of the first people I met (truly, my good fortune) was a Chieftain of one of their Celtic war tribes. Roma is looking for a gladiator arena system, and I brought him and another friend of his to the Loch for a demo.....they loved the system, and I will let all know, this man smoked me nearly every time we sparred. The point is, those who train in the Loch will find similar combat systems, with different looking weapons but similar attacks, popping up in other places in sl as Tharkis markets his excellent product. This could lead to much fun. And cross cultural exchange :) Euge!

And truly, it is all for enjoyment! While I encourage veryone interested to join the Academy (we must come up with a good intitiation ritual...maybe nicknames too, like Sharkbait) any person may spar with me any time I am in the Loch. Heck...if you IM me and I'm on, I'm most likely to drop whatever I'm doing and show up. I need the practice :) and I love it.

My thanks again to her Grace for letting us bleed all over her lawn.

And as always, to the Guvnah.


Edward Pearse said...

I had a brief spar with Lady Gustafson and Lord Puck and I look forward to another session. Do let me know the next time you're sparring.

Amber_Palowakski said...

I definitely need to join this group!