Dec 18, 2008

Farewell Cousin Kendra

This is likely not news to most of my readers for by now you have most probably heard the news of Kendra Bancroft's typist's death.

Maddie Blaustein 1960-2008

Maddie reportedly died in her sleep after a short illness. She was very well known to the SL community at large having been an active participant since 2004. She was, however, very particularly known to the Caledon and Neualtenburg communities most recently as a very willing participant in the 2007 Relay For Life fundraising "war" between the two SL states. The human person was a very well known voice actress. Her most obvious body of work is found in the Pokeman series and movies as Meowth. She also voiced characters for Yu-Gi-Oh!, GI Joe, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

For me - as Eva - she was Kendra, a distant cousin. How I enjoyed her, though. Planning for the RFL work together, laughing about silly things like the kissing booth on Loch Avie, and feeling for her when SL had to take a back seat to the financial issues of her real life.

Maddie - You are already missed.

May you find peace and joy in this, the next part of your journey.