Dec 24, 2008

The Frasers of Skye and Good Night, Loch Avie

Continued from Ancient Homelands:

I walked over to where Exrex was kneeling. He moved aside and held the torch nearby the cave wall. What I saw there, down low on the rock-face, partially covered by snow and ice amazed me.

Exrex's topcoat slipped from my shoulders as I knelt, but I did not feel the cold at this moment.

A crest!

The Frasers

My family.

Mo annsa, we will build a home here with our people. Our clan will thrive here and our family grow. The winds of change that blew us from our home - perhaps temporarily - in Inverness have landed us here on this good land overlooking the sea. This hill is easily defended and we will build a strong sturdy home upon it...the rolling hills around us seem to be fertile. He smiled and held his beloved to him, touching her belly. And we shall ensure the fertility of our new home tonight.

The lady blushed slightly. No - really she flushed - her skin reacting to his touch and suggestion as it had many times before. The difference was evident to me as I viewed this from my place in time, as was her new comfort and ease of manner. Yes, I could hear her thought, we are home.

Exrex watched me as the visions appeared to me. I suspect he was afraid I would faint again. I smiled at him assuring him that all was well. At that point, I just wanted to get to Loch Avie and begin making plans. I needed to make inquiries on the land to determine if anyone was claiming this place. I had documents to get in order, crates to pack. So much to do!

He helped me back on board the airship. We saw that Nellie was not moving to leave the place, and we set off for my home...or what was currently still my home.

We landed near the pub and as Exrex was calling several of the Lancers out to assist with the care of the ship after her long journey, my cousin, Gabrielle, arrived. Excitedly she asked me if I had forgotten that the Realm of the Roses Ball was this night.

I smiled at her and told her that it had currently slipped my mind, but that I had made all preparations the preceding week. The conservatory and surrounds were ready for our guests.

Gabrielle and I had spoken a couple of weeks before and she asked if I would hold the evening Realm of the Roses Ball in Loch Avie. This is her annual Holiday Gift to those of us in Caledon, Winterfell, and our other sister communities. And what a gift it was.

(OOC comments -
When Gabi and I were planning this event together, we knew that it would be the last formal event for Loch Avie prior to the awful OS restrictions going into place. I knew it would be special - and likely very difficult, since I will leave Loch Avie behind very soon. I had really had no idea just how difficult nor wonderful the night would be. What follows are pictures from the event, which saw 60 avatars in the sim for much of the night. The music was wonderful. Gabrielle chose traditional Christmas music, but with a Loch Avie flavor. Pipes, Jigs, and during one very precious portion of the night - Songs about a rose.
I was incredibly touched and moved, and I (ME...the REAL PERSON) was in tears as I heard the songs, watched my friends and neighbors enjoying themselves in my lands, and received private notes and public comments about me, Loch Avie, and how much we have meant to individuals and the community.
Honestly - these were some of the most tender and genuine comments - and I shall treasure them for a long time. Particularly the ones sent privately from people even those that I never really knew. Thank you. Thank everyone for attending this, for sending Loch Avie off with such love. Thank you for allowing me feel that love. And thank you, Gabi, for your gift to ME. )

Early in the night, I shared a dance with my dear friend, Grafinya Inbir Abigh, Kate Nicholas

The crowd steadily grew and the minuet was a huge hit.

Baron Klaus Wulfenbach kisses my hand

The lovely Miss Teaa and her friend enjoy the night.

A waltz with Lunar

Kamilah Hauptmann, Radslns Huchence, Dr. Mason

Kamilah has apparently captured the sun for warmth in the cold snowy night. I was, however, incredibly warm as I danced and enjoyed my beloved friends.

The setting. Friends dancing inside and out.
Would that I could name all the names of the guests.

THANK YOU, Cousin.

Eva and Gabrielle


Emilly Orr said...

For my part, hostess or not, I was honored to be there. And just as the farewell to Carntaigh before this, there was a moment where I wept for your (and Duchess Gabrielle's) loss.

But if lands we name home do not move us, deeply, they are not our lands. Regardless of where you go or how far you travel, your Grace, you will always be a large part of what made Loch Avie so wonderful.