Dec 15, 2008

A Grand Celebration

Words cannot express how truly wonderful the event in Artificial Isle last night was (despite one very rude guest, who will be dealt with privately and with MI-5 tact, but deserves no more ætheric time here). After nearly one month of planning and work on the Military Winter Holiday Celebration, it was with great pleasure that I watched the magic of it unfold before my eyes last night.

I arrived in world about 45 minutes prior to the event announced start time and ensured that the grog had been adequately prepared by the officers assigned to such a chore. Really they do this with glee every time assuming that they will never be sentenced to such a thing. It was brilliantly sinister (zinfindel, whisky, rum, onion, sausages, meade, and several other unidentifiable ingredients).

I found when I arrived that ZATZAi and Hotspur were already there attending to various tasks before the guests arrived. The hall looked beautiful. Pray allow me to acknowledge the efforts of so many willing participants as this event was in the planning stages. Without their help, we would not have had the gorgeous setting.

  • ZATZAi Asturias for asking us to host this event and for the use of his sim and amphitheatre; for creating a collaborative environment. He made working on this a true pleasure. He also provided the large tree, several presents, and furnishings.
  • Kate Nicholas for allowing me to modify several of her textures for the walls of the venue, for making the fine tables and chairs as well as the parading animation.
  • Kamilah Hauptmann for the grog mug and animation, Radslns Hutchence for the creation of the grog punch bowl.
  • Christine McAllister for donation of cigars and brandy
  • Ordinal Malaprop for the creation of the dinner roll thrower.
  • Soliel Snook for her wonderful music program creation.
Of course none of the above would have mattered one whit without all of our guests and active participants (photos follow).

The ceremony was loosely based on the Military Dining In/Out ceremony. Adapting this to SL in a multisim/multi-branch military event was interesting. As I wrote the program, I carefully pulled what I could - what made sense - into our ceremony.
  • President and Vice President of the Mess
  • Honored guests
  • Toasting which began with the countries and sovereigns or leaders represented.
  • Limericks and grog
  • Parading of the beef
  • A guest speaker - telling a short story in this case
  • Dancing and general frivolity after the smoking lamp was lit
Our President - Governor AngusGraham Caewlin
Mr. Vice - Commodore Hotspur O'Toole
Honored Guests - ZATZAi Asturias and Fanci Bebee from the United Sailing Sims
Honored Guests - Gregg Barrymore and Angel Magellan, Grand Duke and Duchess of Antiquity
Honored Guest - Kamilah Hauptmann, Vicereine of Caledon
Honored Guest - Sharrah Brendel, Baroness, Antiquity, partner of Governor Caewlin
Honored Guest and speaker - Breezy Carver of Babbage and Steelhead
Honored Guest - Commodore Scattered Sideways, Antiquity
Honored Guest - Colonel Exrex Somme, First Caledon Lancers - Loch Avie's Own
Honored Guest and Music Director - Soliel Snook, Marchioness of Bigglesford

Not only was the evening simply a pleasure, if very intense in management, but we met the goals we established at the outset with ZATZAi. We had a desire to bring several communities with like interests in naval and military activities together, building relationships and offering opportunities which are not always available to single RP or theme groups.

*smiles happily*

I do believe we did this.

This is only the first of many cross-sim events to come. Next? Story-telling and SPD ship battles.

See you there!!

Hosts and DJ confer

Guests begin to arrive

Angus and Sharrah arrive

A Room Full of Guests

Baron Wulfenbach and Miss Lowey of Europa (above)

The Grand Duke and Duchess enjoy themselves

The Head Table

ZATZAi and Fanci toasting

Our friends from the Prussian Navy, Antiquity

Colonel Somme parading the roast beef as per tradition

Alin Hendrassen takes his turn at the grog

Kamilah Hauptmann

The evening wanes as the last few couples remain on the dance floor


Neb said...

It was a well executed and enjoyable event, and I'm honored to have been able to attend!

Yours etc.,

Cpt. N N Peterman, WE

Alin Hendrassen said...

Thank you so much for a brilliant evening! The setting was amazing, the company was splendid, and the grog was quite tasty (and strong)!

I am looking forward to similar future events,

Cpt. A. Hendrassen