Dec 10, 2008

The Scene Is Being Set for the Military Holiday Celebration

I've been working for the last several days to check things off the project list as we make ready for the Military Winter Holiday Celebration to be held on Sunday, December 14th from 7pm-10pm SLT.

  • Program created - check
  • Textures made (thanks to Kate Nicholas for giving me some great wall textures to modify) and applied - check
  • Tables and chairs placed - check
  • Holiday decor - nearly complete
  • Mistletoe - check
  • Grog - check

Our setting in Artificial Isle
Slurl to the event

There is still work to be done, but doing this work is very pleasing. It is wonderful to have such a fantastic venue to hold this formal military-themed event. Thanks go out to ZATZAi for asking that we create a special event for these sims. He has permitted us to change nearly all the interior textures of his amphitheatre to make it feel like a ballroom in a 19th century Navy Base.

Many thanks in advance to ZATZAi, Hotspur O'Toole, AngusGraham Caewlin, Exrex Somme, and Soliel Snook for their work and efforts in this venture. There are many more folks from several sims who will also be a part (soon as I confirm them, I'll add them to my thank you list) of this fine event.

Even if you are not a part of a formal military RP unit, please join us. Dress Uniform or Black Tie please, if you have it. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information on the history of a military dining out (formal mess) please see Hibernia on The Skids.