Oct 15, 2007

Steelhead Saloons and Rez Day Boys

Friday and Saturday nights in and around Caledon are nearly always busy and filled with fun and laughter. This week was no exception to that rule. I found myself sticking fairly close to home - save for a few shopping trips - and dancing quite a lot.

Friday, of course, is always the Steelhead themed dance. This past week, the theme was Moulin Rouge since we found ourselves in the new saloon, build by that very talented gentleman builder, TotalLunar Eclipse.

I had not been in world for any length of time earlier in the week and had missed the Steelhead town meeting (and had not reviewed the minutes - sorry Christine) so I did not know the theme of the dance until Friday night when I logged-in and saw the group notice. My typist smiled to herself because only an hour or so before she had been playing with her young daughters, dancing in the family room of her home to a number of songs....and then along with a couple of DVDs. We danced to a couple of pieces written in Anglo-Saxon (yeah - I did say, Anglo-Saxon) from The Lord of the Rings. Our favorite is always:

Bealocwealm hafað fréone frecan forth onsended
giedd sculon singan gléomenn sorgiende
on Meduselde þæt he ma no wære
his dryhtne dyrest and mæga deorost.

We meandered around our favorite music going from Bealocwealm to swing to songs of eastern influence to show tunes and ending up with the Fatboy Slim remix of The Can Can in Moulin Rouge.

I was certainly ready, then, to put on the corset, split knickers, garters and stockings, and skirts of my costume for the event in Steelhead.

Can Can! Trying to form the line with Lord and Lady Primbroke.

Our fantastic DJ, Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega, struts his stuff as Mr. Iason Hassanov seems to be intently watching a favorite dancing girl in the Moulin Rouge

Tensai as dancing fish (Hemoine Pennyfeather dances in the background).

It's not easy doing choreography with a fish.....but loads of fun.

The architect and builder (and fine dance partner), Lunar.

After the dance was over, I found my way to another dance courtesy of Sir Telemachus Dean's well-timed offer of a chariot (tp). We danced for another three quarters of an hour or so. During this time I was reminded that Sir Tele had not been invited to join the ranks of the swoon-worthy (by a number of young ladies), and as I am his patron the privilege of extending the public invitation fell to me. Sadly, I have no photographic record of the swoonage as my head was apparently spinning too wildly to have snapped a picture. Hopefully someone captured it and will either send a shot my way, or let me know where it has been posted. *grins*


The next evening found me in Davaar helping to celebrate mo charaid, Edward Pearse's Rez Day. Christine had outdone herself with this party. The pavilion was beautifully set and decorated, and the event was a great deal of fun as the conversations were, as is our Caledonian tradition, filled with humor, double entendres, and esoterica. And the music was fantastically varied.

Hope you had a wonderful Rez Day, Lord Primbroke! And I wish you many more happy days to come.

(left to right) Gabrielle, Edward, Christine, me, Kate

Kate and I practice our deep knee bends.

(left to right) Shylah Garmes, Diamanda, Storm Chatnoir, Edward

A shot of Edward, Christine, and me after the chimes struck Shirtless O'Clock.

A sample of the crowd

Doing my best dancing with Heavy Metal (yes that's WITH heavy metal). Iason and Hotspur.

Baron Wulfenbach won the prize for the most heavy metal, however. I admit I was a bit afraid to try to trip the light fantastic with that particular avatar.

Exhausted, but happy, at the end of a full couple of nights.


Diamanda Gustafson said...

Your Grace, pray refer to my journal and photographic gallery for depictions of swooning goodness.


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Ah - fantastic! Thank you Dia!

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

I would have stepped as delicately as possible, trust me.


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

Thank you very much Your Grace. I am glad you were able to attend and the ship handles wonderfully!

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Baron Wulfenbach - Indeed sir. Next time I will be much less afraid then. *smiles warmly*

Mo Charaid - I would not have missed it for the world. And I am pleased that the corsair is doing well for you. Perhaps you'll take me along for a sail soon. :-)