Nov 22, 2007

I have many reasons to be thankful...

I am very blessed!

Beautiful and safe land to call my own.

Very silly friends.
(Exrex Somme's second RezDay party in Polymath Upstairs:
left to right - Hotspur O'Toole, Eladrianne Laval, Hermoine Pennyfeather, me, Exrex Somme)

And good friends

Lady Kate Nicholas, Grafinya Inbhir Abigh
My first friend in SL

My dear friend, bodyguard and protector
Sir Telemachus Dean

The Loch Avie Academy of Arms
(Sir Tele training me in the use of the battle axe)

Taigh Róis
Gathering of friends and neighbors in the Loch

Dear friend and member of my court
Lord Zealot Benmergui, Baron of Bardhaven

My closest cousin,
Her Grace Gabrielle Riel, Duchess of Carntaigh

Good friends and members of the court of Loch Avie
Lord Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke
Lady Christine McAllister Pearse, Countess of Primbroke

Partner in crime
Lady Kirawill Collingwood, Baroness of Bardhaven

(Right to left) Sir ZenMondo Wormser, Mr JJ Drinkwater, Hotspur O'Toole, Exrex Somme

Loch Avie's Own
Lt Colonel, Hotspur O'Toole
Caledon First Lancers

Two of my first friends in SL
Callipygian Christensen and Colonel Exrex Somme

Another of my first friends in SL
Sir Adso Krogstad

It would be a lengthy post indeed were I to attempt to name all of my friends here in SL and all of Caledon. Please know that I am thankful for all of you, though I could only celebrate some of you here by name.


Eladrienne Laval said...

*smiles and waves to her fellow Swooner* We are thankful for you as well, and it is an honor to know you!

Hermoine Pennyfeather said...

Lovely pictures, Your Grace. I am delighted to be included amongst your rogues' gallery. Thanks indeed are in order and Windlight is a wonderful addition to our world.

Telemachus said...

Your Grace,

it was very, very kinds of you to note my three posts to your blog last week (a record, mayhaps, for me) were all sent under my actual name. Ahem. My super secret shadow typist self. As you know my line of actual work, I am seriously happy you did not post them (that sounds more mysterious than the reality is worth). And so, the post that went here:


this is truly lovely.

There are times, many times, I wish it were not such a genteel job being your Shield. Remember when I first came to Caledon and thought the 'war games' were real? I was very angry some burned down Hotspur's house...and ready to bring in every warmongering fiend I knew to protect your Land.

Caledon is so civil, so polite and kind, and I love those things. But pressed to it, as you know, I would swipe the head from any dolt or boor who gave you offense, then mount the skull on a pole at the Loch's westernmost point, or perhaps where the train enters from VC...a warning to all.

You are a treasure, Duchess.

Some nights, you know, I do not sleep in the Cay. No. I ride to the wilds of your own lands, and wrapped in my tartans, sleep in the wild outback beneath the Borealis and the Moon. Such is the energy you have given the Loch.

All my best to you and those you love.

Let us hope, now, I do not die in the first round of St. Andrews :) After this proclamation, I must win at least one!

Sir Tele