Dec 27, 2007

Amish Rake Fight and One Wild Rez Day Party

We knew it was going to be fun! We knew that we would have a lot of avatars in Loch Avie. We knew that there would be many jokes, double entendres, and costume changes. We knew Hotspur would be surprised beyond words at the Amish Rake Fight Fencing Game.

What we did not know was just how hilarious the whole night would be...just how much fun...just how many people would show up...and who...and that it would last four and a half hours. What a night!!

First my most sincere thanks to Exrex Somme, my co-host for the affair and the creator of the Rakes. I must also extend special thanks to his lovely wife Callipygian Cristensen for the use of her fencing set and the creation of the Amish Rake Fight sign. And also thanks to Frequency Picnic, who helped get the word out to the Hobos and for providing some decorations for the party, and to Therese Slade, our excellent DJ, who created 3 hours of music based on Hotspur's requests and likes.
Thanks must also go to Gabrielle Riel who assisted with the notifications to the groups as the party kicked off, and for lending her music stream to Therese in order for us to support the number of listeners expected. And Diamanda Gustafson kept the music going for the last 1.5 hours of the night. Thanks so much!

We had a crowd which remained fairly steady at about 25 avatars most of the night, but which at one point swelled to 41 at the party.

High in the skies above Loch Avie on the party platform.

OK - there were 3 or 4 griefers who decided to drop in on the green dots at 600m above Loch Avie. One who seemed hell-bent on bothering the DJ specifically, but whose language quickly drew my ire upon returning from being AFK for around 20 minutes. She was warned and rather rapidly bounced into space...and also reported to the Lindens. The others soon took the hint that they were no longer welcome if they could not treat the rest of us with respect. One idiot actually asked to be ejected from the sim, I suppose thinking that I would not do it. He rapidly found himself being told, "As you wish," as he made his way into no man's land somewhere over the mainland. Even all this did not dampen the party spirit. In fact it made for good story-telling and jokes.

Poor Hotspur arrived late to the soiree as he was having some RL plumbing issues, and did need to be AFK for a few minutes during the festivities, but all in all he was able to speak to everyone who came to wish him well. Thanks again to everyone who attended! It would not have been the same without you there.

And now the story of the night in pictures and a few more words. It really was epic!

Waiting for the Rez Day Boy to appear and warming up the dance floor. Conga line started early. :-)

Hotspur joined right in the fun upon his arrival.

Sir Tele and I chat with Frequency (on the right) and another of the Hobos. These Aged Hobos always have the best avatars!

Yet another conga line: Justinian, Hotspur, and I dance as Gabi plans her jump into the line.

Ouch! Frequency! Watch those boney talons!

Exrex and I don our plain clothes and demonstrate Amish Rake Fighting.

Hotspur in his Amish Rake Fight Pressure Suit

Amber in pirate costume and me in my leather costume change watch Exrex and Hotspur compete.

The men in grey.

Pirate Pudding Wrestling

Pirates and snowballs

Darien Mason's meteor shower. Ouch!

Never go AFK in this crowd! The Rez Day Boy reaps what he sews.

The piratical Exrex Somme leads the pirate polonaise.

Darkling, Dia, Eva, and Hotspur

Darkling and Eva

Next costume change....cowboys and Indians (western and eastern). Dobbin does a little dance, too.

Therese Slade

Desmond arrived late in the evening and was promptly "welcomed" by Bardhaven

Chatting with the Guvnah. (Amber, me in costume change - the last, Zealot, Zen) The Rez Day boy is just off camera getting settled into a comfy seat.

What a fabulous night!!!


Frequency Picnic said...

It was a blast! I wish I could have stayed longer. Thanks so much for hosting, Eva, and many returns of the day to Hotspur.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

(Back from a few days with little or no connectivity)

Many thanks for throwing this party, Lady of Loch Avie. It was silly, it was nutty, all my friends were there... it was all the things I like in Second Life...