Dec 31, 2007

Another Normal Night in Loch Avie

Invasion of the SteamBots!

Thank God Colonel O'Toole was on patrol else who knows what fate might have befallen the Loch, or my person! Or the whisky distillery!

I had just returned to the skies of Loch Avie and noticed some green dots down below me. Thinking they may be friends utilizing the practice area, or some stopping by the pub, I determined that I would flutter down and say a word of hello.

What I found was shocking!

Thank goodness the Colonel saw me coming and sent a secure message stating that he had donned his steam-mechanized persona and was in fierce combat with some unknown foreign behemoth. Dear Miss Virrginia Tombola was nearby on the steps of the distillery watching with wide eyes the clash of these titans.

Quickly I thanked Colonel O'Toole and swept Miss Tombola up to the roof of the public house. From that vantage point we could safely watch the battle in the age-old tradition of the gentry: on a lovely chaise or blanket, with drinks at hand.

It was not long before the battle grew more fierce. Trees uprooted. Steam and smoke. Much grinding of gears. Oh and Miss Tomobola announcing on the State Channel, "Steambot battles in Loch Avie near the pub. Sunday. SUNDAY. SUNDAY!"

I grinned and nodded at Miss Tomobola, then placed the cask of whisky out on the roof for I knew what was going to happen. Guests! Cheering. A little steampunk trash talk. Some threats of Duchess Stick use. And continued fierce competition to keep Loch Avie safe.

In the end, Colonel O'Toole won the night. Huzzah! Safe and secure once again. My thanks, sir!

(My thanks to my other good friend, Iason Hassanov, for playing the part of the villain. Well done sir. Such good fun.)