Dec 10, 2007

Santa, Elves, Steampunks, and Nuns. OH MY!

Just playing a little catch up today after a whirlwind week and weekend in RL.
Where to start....

Steelhead seems as good a place to start as any.

"Is that a Claymore, Mother Bellambi?"
"Yes it is, my child. Not every implement of discipline need be filled with gun powder. I have always found the Claymore to be a very effective tool for the SWAT."

His Orthodox Jiggy-ness, Adso Krogstad

Mother Superior dances with Cardinal Somme

Also seen in Steelhead on another night....


My Heavy Metal - Steampunk partner, Iason Hassanov, dips me quite gracefully during our dance.

Me verra own conga line.

And in Loch Avie, it seems that the penguins and I have made up....HRONK!

All innocence and beauty before the ice axe battles began.

And finally at Polymath Upstairs

Taking in the fencing action with Miss CronoCloud Creeggan and Miss Eugenia Burton.

After much discussion with Miss Burton, it was decided that perhaps something a little more festive and well - distracting - might be in order as we continued the fencing matches. Soon, Santa himself showed up.

Frosty seems pretty pleased with the holiday cheer.

Photo courtesy of Santa himself.

I did get to talk to Santa about my wish list for this season...a partial list may be found in Hibernia for those who may need shopping ideas. (kidding)

Happy Christmas!