Dec 23, 2007

When All of a Sudden There Arose Such A Clatter...

I sprang from the piste to see what was the matter.

Miss Frequency as a pirate and I in me gown had just settled in for a long fencing match.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a large blue Tardis falling out of thin air?

Away to the ETC I flew like a flash, tore open the lock with one mighty slash.

(apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

Frequency and I were minding our own business and getting in some fencing practice at Upstairs one evening when suddenly a strange, loud noise startled us and I turned to see a large blue phone box hovering behind us.

We both jumped off the piste and went to examine the thing - really not the strangest thing we had ever seen in SL - and were entirely expecting to find Miss Terry or Oolon climbing from the machine when we opened the door. But we were very wrong.

As I opened the door, Hotspur fell out of the machine and onto the deck. He seemed to be unconscious, and as we provided first aid to him, I noted that his oxygen tank was empty. No wonder the man had fainted.

We opened his helmet and ensured that he was getting fresh Caledonian air - Lord knows where the Tardis had taken him. As soon as he began to rouse, we sat him up and handed him some Water of Life. Thus fortified, he began to tell us his amazing story.

Unsure what to make of it all, I decided that we needed to go collect more scientific and anecdotal information. Quite frankly as head of MI5, I also felt the need to ensure that whatever had sent the Tardis to Hotspur - essentially inviting him to visit - did not also have plans to send an invasion force to the shores of our fair Independent State.

We all climbed back into the machine and it returned us to this Privateer Space. We seemed to have landed in some sort of warehousing operation for we were certainly on the docks with a ship nearby - bay doors open.

Surveying the area.

Clearly, I thought to myself, we are dealing with highly intelligent beings in this future. For they have been able to make mechanized maid and man servants. "Robomaid" Sounds very promising.

This piloting deck was a marvel in and of itself with all the lights and control panels. We made notes, but at this point did not attempt to make a flight.

Frequency came in and decided that perhaps if two of us sat together in the pilot's seat, we just might have more success with flight. As you might imagine, having Hotspur out the window in front of me, and Frequency on my lap, was just a wee bit distracting. Needless to say - we did not achieve flight this day. We did, however, make some fine notes on the equipment and the surroundings. We will need to study these further prior to any concensus as to the nature of this beings, and what their purpose may be.

We did, however, discover that they may be.....