Sep 24, 2008

The Hunt Is On!

You know me. I love to work on events with folks. So when TotalLunar Eclipse asked if I would like to collaborate on another event with Steelhead, I did not hesitate. This time, he said, they would like to hold a fox hunt. Several versions of said event were tossed about in the brainstorming session. In the end, we thought this might be the most fun:

Starting on Friday from 1pm SLT the hunting begins on Loch Avie.
Find all 20 foxes, collect their pelts and bring them to me (at the evening dance event). The top hunters will receive a prize. Fox hunting season ends Saturday evening at 7pm.

Then put on your 'Foxxy' outfit for a dance in Steelhead. Starts at 7pm SLT at the Kokopelli Stage.

See you there!!!