Sep 13, 2008

Announcing the Boobie Ball to Benefit Breast Cancer Charities

Boobies. Breasts. TaTas.

They are called many things and although they come in all shapes and sizes (large, small, saggy and perky), they have one thing in common: The ability to develop cancer.

Even though there is no cure yet, the annual Blogger Boobie-Thon is doing its part to make cancer a thing of the past. As she has for the past 3 years, Her Grace of Loch Avie's human will take part in this event.

During the first week of October people from across the globe can submit pictures of bare and covered breasts to raise money for breast cancer causes.

Founded in 2002 by Florida blogger Robyn Pollman (,) the Boobie-Thon has grown into a well-known event, raising tens of thousands for breast cancer and blogger-charity causes, with over 1500 people contributing pictures. The Susan G. Koman Foundation has, in the past, been the largest recipient of the funds.

Both founders and participants are hoping to generate exposure and donations for a worthy cause.

Males and females can submit pictures of their breasts. The covered boobies are featured on the free area of the site. The price of viewing the bare breasts is $50.

Come join Serra Anansi and me as we host the first ever Boobie Ball. This will be held in Winterfell at the Taure En Lor Ballroom. This is not a formal event. Please just come ready to have some fun and be generous with your Lindens.

Wear Pink if you like, and you may dance topless if you dare, in honor of the breasts and lives we are working to save.

There will be donation kiosks and vendors with items for sale. All proceeds will be donated to during their annual campaign. Miss Serra and Miss Eva will match all donations. So come see your donation to this worthy cause tripled.

Donations will be listed on the site as coming from Winterfell and Caledon's Boobie Ball.

Please contact Miss Serra or me if you have any questions.