Sep 6, 2008

A Short Diversion From the CaleCon Posts

Well, I have been experiencing some technical difficulties with video editing so I am working this weekend with my house tech support to get this rectified. I REALLY long to get a few short YouTubes created out of my large bit of CaleCon footage.

Puzzling over the video issues

I also have plans for posts about our workshops and the Simulcast Party, but this weekend is likely not going to see that happen. I have a birthday party for my youngest today, and likely a Ren Faire trip tomorrow after church services. So I fear my muse is keeping her distance. Probably a good thing since I have no time to write anything of substance anyway.

But I will echo sentiments that I have read elsewhere about the Thursday evening Fractured Fairy Tales event in Steelhead. It was fantastic fun. Elgia Underwood and Hotspur O'Toole shared some wonderful stories - both with text delivery styles that were quite good.

Sitting with Miss Underwood as tale of The Three Wolves was being spun.

Last night Steelhead hosted the Fractured Fairy Tales Dance. I had to bip out for a bit of real life about midway through the dance. Trying to get back in was -to put it mildly - infuriating. SL was having HUGE difficulties. So I watched a bit of 300 while I kept trying to log in. 25 minutes or so later, I made it back in. But the dance was pretty well over and most of my friends must have been in the same boat for few were in world. But we did have a rather fun ISC convo.

Well that's it for now. More to come on CaleCon in the next few days.