Sep 28, 2008

The Wedding of The Dragon and The Nightingale

I hope that you will enjoy the storyboard created from the pictures taken at the ceremony today.

Despite some technical issues, including one sim crash, it was a very lovely proceeding. I wish you both many blessings. And welcome to the family, Azul!

If the slideshow/storyboard does not play fully for you, please click the picture and you will be taken to my Koinup site.

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CronoCloud said...

Very nice, Your Grace. I put the pictures I took in a flickr set:

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Thank you, Crono. I saw your pictures as well.
It was truly a lovely event.

Azul said...

Thank you for the welcome to the family dear cousin-in-law :)

I really enjoyed the pictures as I was a bit too focused on the task at hand to take any myself :) Although we did sneak back to the cathedral to take some pics w/out the lag messing up the couples poses we had planned to use.

One one small quibble, my attendants were Lady Cora and Lady Holly (not Hope).

I'm sure we will be seeing more of each other now that we are family.

- Azul

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Oh dear! My most sincere apologies for the incorrect reporting of your attendant's name. It has been repaired in Koinup.

Lady Holly - forgive me.

And I look forward to more time getting to know you, too, Azul.


Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Frau Duchess, Lady Azul,

I have finally been able to add my pictures to the pool if you should wish copies of any - my post with the link is here.

It was a splendid ceremony, and I was honoured to be witness to it.