Mar 27, 2010

Dieselpunk! Seraph City Begins

Dieselpunk, Lady Eva?

Last night as I was out and about in SL, Kamilah sent a landmark to me for a new sim concept display with the command suggestion that I put on my 1940s garb. She told me no more about it, save that Mr. Tenk, the Clock Winder of New Babbage had sent the location to her.

"Worth a look when you have time," she said.

"I'm not doing anything in particular tonight, so I may just go now, " I said.

A quick change into some futuristic garb.


What is Dieselpunk?

One of the best statements I've read about it is: Dieselpunk is a love of the future that used to be.

Dieselpunk is is a subculture and a genre of art blending the aesthetics of the 1920s - 1950s with today. To most, the diesel era is a time colored by pulp heroes, swing kids, and noir gum shoes beating the mean streets in search for justice. It shares it's roots with Steampunk, and (some have said that it) is the bridge between fantasy and history.

A view from the outside of the building where the entry landing is located.

I met one of the people responsible for the possible new sim last night as I toured around, Miss Tesla Tripsa. She was very kind to show me around and talk about their hopes and plans for the sim.

There is a reservations map if you are so inclined to desire to be a part of the new Seraph City. When I asked her how heavily RP the area would be, she replied that it would be a themed community with RP optional. "I come originally from Babbage, " she said, "and that seems to work there." Aha! I knew I recognized her name!

I highly recommend a trip to the concept display. I thoroughly enjoyed myself there.

Who is this dame of the Dieselpunk era? And what is this contraption?

Waiting......but for what? or whom?

Oh my! One of our modern steam engines, but it looks so old and has taken quite a turn for the worst!

Miss Tripsa shows me the new Dieselpunk train. My breath is taken away.

I now see why Kamilah enjoyed this place.

All in all a gorgeous build. I look forward to when Seraph City comes into it's own.


Neb said...

It looks very nicely done! I'll have to pop over sometime. Good excuse to put on 20s clothes...

Neb said...

Nice build! Will have to throw on some 20s clothes and take a gander.

Dr. Augustus Dayafter said...

Please come on out and visit! Such a very well written post as well! Don't forget to hide your hootch, the coppers will snatch your giggle juice right quick here!

Edward Pearse said...

Dieselpunk is what our parents used to call "pulp". :-)
I figured Kami would be right at home there.
I also recommend testing the powerlines on your next visit.