Mar 9, 2010

"The Hills are alive with the sound of music? I love it. " ~The Narcoleptic Argentinean

Well the Isle of Skye was certainly alive on February 27th - alive with music, but also alive with the many and diverse persons present for the event celebrating the film, Moulin Rouge.

The event was themed on the Baz Luhrmann film and was fantastically well attended and incredibly interactive and fun. The build was phenomenal thanks to my co-creators, Lady Kate Nicholas (who worked diligently with me to set most of the scene) and Mr. Iason Hassanov (for the Eiffel Tower). DJ Icarus Ghost blew everyone away with his remarkable playlist which included many original tracks (the inspiration for the movie soundtrack).

Pictures being worth thousands, I will share with you the evidence of a great event. Let's do it again sometime, 'k?