Mar 19, 2010

Poetry from the Library of the Red Rose - A Reading

Ballindollach Castle

Having seen and heard several others recently using audio blog posts, I thought it might be interesting to try my own hand, or rather, voice, at it.

I hope you will enjoy the reading of these two poems on Spring.

**at 1:15pm 3-19-10 I notice that the player has either lost performance or clipped my file. The second poem has gone missing. HRUMPH! We'll wait and see if this resolves before making a judgment call. It is a free service after all.**


PJ Trenton said...

Those were fabulous and so well read. Thanks for sharing Eva!

Serra Anansi said...

nicely done, m'lady skye.

now that I know you don't have voice freight I will be sure to have you read at the next poetry reading in the Winterfell Library.