Mar 30, 2010

Exploring Nemo

Last night I had the time and inclination to do a bit of exploring. Thanks to Hamlet Au and New World Notes, I found just the perfect place.

I shall share the short slide show with you and tell you how remarkable the build is, but you should really see it for yourself. The textures are incredibly well done, and the movement of the gears and other mechanisms is seamless.

Once you've had a look at this, you should really head over to New World Notes for a detailed read about the content and the creator and a great YouTube machinima of the sim.



Rhianon Jameson said...

Beautiful photographs! It's a fascinating build, isn't it? And, judging from the young lady in the pink dress and odd gait in one of the pictures, Nemo continues to attract SL newcomers. Several were there during my visit.

It's good to see builds attracting people to SL.