Jun 18, 2007

Red Hot Jazz

This weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time listening and dancing to one of my favorite music genres. Jazz.

The first event took me to a Rex and Sassy broadcast that Lance Jansen was hosting. It was a great evening made even better by finding some friends there that I had not seen in some time. Woodstock Burleigh and his lovely wife, Catt Gable. AND - it was Woody's 2nd Rez Day.

Red was the theme for the night. (And the hotter the better)

Catt and Woodstock

Saturday night found me dancing in the Danica sim, near where my surprise party had been held, under the direction of DJ Gabrielle Riel and host, Rane.

The venue.

Singing for the crowd

And a few riffs on the piano.

Dancing Duchesses

Hermoine Pennyfeather and Amplebeak Tinlegs

Aldo Stern and Betty Doyle