Jun 25, 2007

Ducal Relaxation is a GOOOOD Thing

We are back - my human and I - and are happy to be able to reconnect with good friends. Our time away from the grid was also very good; very enjoyable.

Arriving back on Saturday evening, I was happy to meet Lady Kate Nicholas and wander through the SL Birthday sims briefly. That evening I also continued work on my manse, and spent some time with friends in Carntaigh. Ahhh - a good Caledonian dance was just what was needed at the end of this vacation.

Is that Timeless with Kate at the Birthday Sim? Hmmm.

Happily I also made it home to the Loch in time to receive the Rez Day Party invitation for Mr. JJ Drinkwater. What fun was found in Carntaigh and Primverness in his honor. A fine gentleman indeed, and a very good friend.

JJ - may all of your friends have as many good times with you over the next year as we have during your first, and may you prosper and find great happiness.

Finally got my chance on the magic carpet dance floor. (l-r, Catt Gable, Woodstock Burleigh, your author, Hotspur O'Toole, and Frequency Picnic)

In the Malaprop steam copter on the way to JJ's party. O'Toole, Bellambi, and Picnic

The crowd early in the evening.

Kate Nicholas, Eva, and Gabrielle Riel

Is this the start of the Rez Day boy's harem?

Eva, Ferin, Gabi, and JJ chase the dragon.

Ahh the black smoke.....wait! was that a heffalump I just saw crawling down the wall??
And who is missing?? (for you, Frequency) *grins*

My manse is now on the ground in Loch Avie. Thanks to Lady Kate for her brilliant prim torture and creation of the structure, which is based on Fraser Castle. Also my thanks to her for creating some beautiful textures based on my specifications. She really is patient with me as I make these requests of her talents. And the results are remarkable! My job was to place the textures and NOW to furnish it. The latter should be very fun! I look forward to hosting my first event there in my new ballroom.

Pictures of the manse will follow soon.



Edward Pearse said...

I had a wander around the new manse the other evening and was very impressed. Congratulations on being able to move out of the pub :-)

Amber_Palowakski said...

Welcome back, Your Grace. You have been greatly missed!

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Oh thank you Edward. I think Kate and I collaborated very well on the build. The furnishings are slowly showing up. :)

I shall miss the little lounge in the distillery...and sleeping on the porch of the pub, but the manse is coming right along.

Amber - Thank you for your thoughts. I missed all of you, too.