Jun 29, 2007


Sitting in Bookend reading poetry along with my dear cousin, Gabrielle, and our esteemed Librarian of Caledon, JJ Drinkwater. (Yes - that is me in my best Terry Lightfoot Faerie look. "I'm the Blue Faerie")

Mr. Drinkwater, The Duchess Carntaigh, The Duchess Loch Avie - sharing favorite poetry.

As we sat there reading, I happened across this poem by Ruth Whitman:


Before my father came to the throne
there was chaos in our double kingdom-
from the Great Green Sea on the north
to the land of Nubia on our south.

Men without breasts love war.
They measure their height
by the mountains of severed hands
piled up, cut from their enemies.

But I saw our land laid out in peace:
Thebes, the southern city, the horizon of earth
stretching east to west
and the fecund river cleaving the land
south to north.

Sun and moon
sail from east to west
across the Nile,
from life to death
and back again.

Symmetry. Order.
The Nile
floods, recedes, floods.

And over us stretches Nut,
the goddess who is the sky.
The sun travels by night
through her body,
the moon and stars by day.
Her toes touch the east,
her fingers reach to the west,
she arches over us,
rainbow mother of night and day.

Then over the private channel came a familiar voice. The Honorable Kate Nicholas announced that a story about Hatshepsut's mummy was being told all over the world. She was most excited and notified those of us in the Royal Society that we should remind others of the exhibit in our offices. She, as well, has published a new paper on the matter.

I was elated! I bid my cousin and my dear friend a fond farewell, changed into something a bit more professional, called a balloon conveyance, and was on my way.

Mr O'Toole allowed me to borrow his newest balloon for the trip.

Huzzah! The Royal Society building!

Click here to be taken to Ms Nicholas' publication on the mummy.


Telemachus said...

Your Grace,

an astonishing poem, and one I have never seen. My thanks for publishing it. As always, it reminds me, peace is superior to war. Compassion superior to ambition :)

Oh, and congrats on the castle!


Sir Tele

Amber_Palowakski said...

Thanks for this post, Lady Eva. I ran forthright to Lady Kate's blog (I was unaware she even had a blog till now), and read her report. Very fascinating!