Jun 7, 2007

So many events - so little time to blog (Part the first)

Once again I find myself in the position of needing to play catch-up with my narrative and pictoral evidence of a second life being lived to the fullest. I am most fortunate to have so many friends and neighbors with whom I enjoy spending time, both within Caledon and without. Confession, they say, is good for the soul; therefore, let me confess that I have not been spending nearly enough time on the final builds and textures on my manse. I MUST FINISH THIS BUILD and get the house down to ground level! And I would like to do that soon. Perhaps I will be able to complete this task within the next week. I really must call upon Kate. With her help, I should be able to get things completed and the house planted on terra firma, although the furnishings will be sparse.

The human behind this avatar will be traveling much over the next several weeks with no guarantee of a portal into this world (Gah!) so I really do need to get cracking.

At any rate, this will be a lengthy post as I try to provide a little narration for each picture displayed. Thank you for indulging me. Where there have been related posts created on other favorite blogs, I will also provide a link.


Arriving somewhat late due to RL circumstances, I was pleased that the dance cards were not all full, and that a few gentlemen still had some dances available. Here I dance with the very romantic, Mr JJ Drinkwater, who suggested that we might dance outside the ballroom in the lovely garden. Sadly the dance was all too short, but wonderful, and the conversation was grand.

My next dance was with the handsome Major Erasmus Margulis. He was a delightful dance partner as always.

The Duchess Carntaigh and I bid farewell to our guests at the end of the evening along with Sir Red Caliber, who was a fine DJ for this last ball of the Season.

**GOD SAVE QUEEN VICTORIA - Celebration of Her Majesty's Birthday at Sir Edward Pearse and Christine McAllister's home

One last play of the organ in the chapel of the (now closed) Dickens sim, then off to the party.

The ever charming and handsome, Mr Exrex Somme, invited me to the first dance of the evening after our fine tour of the beautiful home that Edward and Christine have made together.

Dancing in the garden of Davaar.

The talented, Sir Red Caliber dances with me even as he prepares to DJ a portion of the event....giving it his best Canadian spin....and changing the pace of the music quite a lot.

(in the foreground) Sir Edward speaks with Ms Virrginia Tombola

Dancing to the up tempo songs chosen by Sir Red.

The lovely Ms Qli Project joining in on the party.

Gettin' jiggy wit' it! (My apologies to Her Majesty. I could not resist.)

More information and photos may be found at Sir Edward's site.


The story posted in other blogs that I have seen indicates that there is no memory of the insult which occured at Kate's Rez Day Party causing Mr JJ Drinkwater and Mr Exrex Somme to challenge and be challenged to this unusual duel. I have a very distinct memory of it, but in the event that neither gentleman actually wishes to see it posted for all to read, I shall refrain from divulging any more information at this time.

The crowd assembled for the Relay for Life Dueling event.

Mr Drinkwater looking very cool under pressure.

Mr Drinkwater's second, Sir ZenMondo, announces the judges of the Haiku competition.

Colonel O'Toole as Colonel Somme's very fine second.

The lovely Ms Shylah Garmes as chief judge and documentarian of the event.

My dear Colonel Somme - someone has snatched your photo from my album! I am so sorry that this post does not include a proper picture of your handsome self looking cool and confident as you waged fine Haiku war (for life) with Mr Drinkwater. I shall endeavor to make it up to you sir.

More information may be found here.