Jun 10, 2007

So many events - so little time to blog (Part the second)

Some travels farther afield now. I have over the last week or so spent some time exploring the Metaverse with another adventurous soul, one of my knights in the Order if the Red Rose, Sir Telemachus. I never fear when I am traveling outside of Caledon in his company as his prowess on the fields of battle is well known and his quiet strength is obvious to anyone.

Very early last week Tele and I went exploring (for a very short time) in Metatheria. It is on my list of places to return to when I have the chance. We barely made a start on the first trail before other obligations called me away. The picture below, however, seems to give you a good idea of the beauty of this place.

Sitting beside the stream in a lovely swing. I really should find one of these for the Loch.


A few days ago, Sir Tele decided to get his new Destrier out of the stables and asked whether Bucephalus and I would care to ride along. I told him that I had recently been in Shengri La and that the trails there were quite challenging and the surroundings - beautiful. We decided to make the trip over the course of a couple of days. Below are the photographs taken as we traversed the Shengri La regions.

Sir Tele astride his new horse, who is yet to be named.

As we rode along the shore, we spotted a water spout and went to investigate. We discovered the resident whale, who was singing to us - or perhaps for his mate - as we watched him swim easily in the bay. How remarkable!

On our next ride, we were dressed in the more modern fashion of the mainland. I admit that the blue jeans are very comfortable for riding. This picture was taken at the head of the trail leading into the mountains.

Overlook at sunset.

We ended our ride at the top of the trail watching the eagle circle around us. I commented that I hoped we had not disturbed her too much if there was a nest nearby.


Telemachus said...


you have Honored me too much in this post. Each of these were short trips, but quite enjoyable.

Without your encouragement, I might never have had the courage to join Caledon society. As it is, I am now the proud owner of Thistle Hill Estate, and hoping to join the Navy (if I can find the time...though I am not quite sure who we will be fighting at sea :) Hotspur will clue me in, no doubt.

My sincere thanks for your help and support,

In your service,

Sir Telemachus