Jun 1, 2007

And what a wonderful Rez Day it was!!

It has been a fast and furious week of activity for me in Second Life and Real Life. Ironically, it was not only my Rez Day this week, but I also celebrated a RL Birthday yesterday. (Now I need to update my 1st Life profile tab.....sigh).

Getting older in SL is easy. As many of us have discussed in the past, SL moves at warp speed. A year in SL may, in fact, be as 5 years or more in RL. Friendships form and are broken, or form and deepen. One changes from a newbie to a citizen of Caledon; from a mere citizen to one active in several groups and organizations; from an active member of society to a sim founder (Caledon Moors) with a small business; and then from landed gentry to a member of the peerage. All of this within the course of a year!! And this really only scratches the surface of ONE avatar's experience. It has been a fun ride!

I owe much to my friend, the Lady Kate Nicholas. She is the person that I met in my first week in world - both of us relatively new to the place - who told me about a wonderful little hamlet she had found whilst traveling through the ætheric spaces of Second Life. When we first arrived on Caledon's shores it was merely 4 sims. (Now I do sound old.) Both of us were fortunate enough to make friends in Caledon and to be accepted by it's Guvnah and it's people. Although I traveled through the mainland quite a lot, I always returned to Caledon.

Now that I am well established in the community of Caledon I am fortunate to have wonderful wonderful friends - and have many friendships that stretch beyond our shores as well. Kate and Gabrielle surprised me beyond belief. Here I was planning a little soiree myself for my Rez Day (mind you they let me continue to do so) while the two of them (and some others?) were planning a fabulous out-of-Caledon-out-of-theme Surprise Party for me. And what a surprise it was, too!!

Several other blogs have posted on this event, which was a hilarious party and rave of the first rate. My thanks to Lord Bardhaven, Mr. O'Toole, and Mr. Pearse for these posts, particularly since I have been unable to write anything until now.

I have so many pictures including the few that I was able to take while IMing with up to 10 folks at a time and trying to keep up with the chat and activity surrounding me. A nice problem to have at one's Rez Day event. Thanks to Kate for sending along several of her snapshots for my album. I will do my best to caption the pictures posted here....and the ones that I will have in the slideshow presentation. I want to include many of them so this will be the best way to do so, without taking up far to much room on this post. :-)

Thanks again to all my friends for this wonderful surprise. As I did for Kate, I will mention a few of the guests in attendence. However, so many were popping in and out at any given moment, it would be impossible for me to mention everyone.

Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel, Duchess of Carntaigh
The Lady Kate Nicholas, Countess of Inbihr Abie
Shenlei Flasheart
Rez Tone
The Baron and Baroness of Bardhaven, Zealot Benmurgui and Kirawill Collingwood
Lady Amber Palowakski
Sir Red Caliber
Sir Edward Pearse
Colonel Hotspur O'Toole
Colonel Exrex Somme
Sir ZenMondo Wormser
JJ Drinkwater
Radslns Hutchence
Frequency Picnic
Americanpsycho98 Book
Lady Darkling Elytis
Fuschia Begonia (who stayed up way past her bedtime)
Professor Alfonso Avalanche
Aldo Stern
Betty Doyle
Mitsu Figuro
Hermoine Pennyfeather
Lapin Paris
Erasmus Margulis
Lavendar Beaumont
Jules Whittlesea
Virrginia Tombola

My mind goes fuzzy around the edges now as I try to recall exactly who else was there (the results of the whisky, gin, and other things? perhaps) but let me say that I was entirely surprised and overwhelmed by the well-wishes and generosity of everyone present.

Thank you all again! I do feel loved!!

Lady Kate Nicholas - a plotter and planner of the first rate....oh and she invents things as well (this is the first peek at her projector project.)

Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel and her knight, Sir Red Caliber. Lady Kate Nicholas

The assembly of friends.

The Duchess-Duchess-Countess Sandwich. A first!

Cheese Royale??

The demon came a-calling

The Duchess and the Hobo. Yummy.

A Baroness, A Duchess, and a Hobo. Oh my!

Little Eva and the Tartans

I do love kilts!!


The rest of the album.....

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Telemachus said...

Your Grace,

though I have apologized already, I am so sorry I missed your party. RL was the only reason. A wonderful rez day and real b-day.

What you say is true: one year in sl is like five in rl in many ways. Except I don't get grayer in sl, or choose not to.

Be well, Duchess, and hope to see you in world soon,

Sir Tele

Frequency Picnic said...

Somehow, I failed to notice that giant chicken...