Sep 19, 2007

And the Tossing Champion Is......

The 1st Annual Highland Fling Caber Tossing Champion Trophy
created by Professor Alfonso Avalanche

Loch Avie saw the first Highland Fling Caber Toss Competition this past Saturday afternoon. It was a grand event, very well attended and with some very skilled competitors.

When I first thought of hosting a Highland Games event, I knew that we MUST have caber toss. There is very little else that represents traditional Scots competition than this. Having not heard of any caber events in SL prior to this one, I contacted my good friend, Professor Alfonso Avalanche. The Professor and I discussed exactly what I was looking for, and after he returned from some well-deserved time away, he began work on the prototype of the caber and competition meter. I happily tried the device out one day in the Loch - and it worked beautifully. A perfect and simple to use device, which allows one to toss the caber when in mouse look. The meter judges how straight the caber is tossed (on a north/south axis), distance, and straightness, and scores each toss from 0-1000.

Mr. O'Toole at the line for his first throw.

Mr. Exrex Somme awaits his turn at the toss as Baron Wulfenbach looks on.

There were some very skilled tossers in the match. In the final round, 3 tough competitors were in a toss-off as they were tied at 988. Baron Wulfenbach, Mr. Hotspur O'Toole, and Mr. Roy Smashcan.

The Baron's final toss.

Mr. Roy Smashcan makes his final attempt

At the end of the competition it was Mr. Hotspur O'Toole with a nearly perfect score of 999, who took home the trophy.

Slainte, sir! Well done!


Hotspur O'Toole said...

. and the "wood handling jokes" were flying faster than the cabers!

Thank you, your Grace.. I very much enjoyed the contest.


Current Population: 2 said...

Thank you for the kind words, your Grace.

I wish I could claim the caber and scoreboard were quite as clever as you say, but it really just scored based on the straightness of the throw. Maybe version 2 will inlcude jazzy extra features like giving the distance to decide ties, etc.

I'm pleased everyone had fun, thanks again for all your work organsising the "Fling" and a big thanks to all our "tossers" and spectators for taking time out from a busy evening of Caledon events to take part.


Alfonso Avalanche