Sep 18, 2007

OOC - A few words about Boobie-Thon

This annual event showcases female and male bloggers showing their (covered and uncovered) breasts in order to raise money for charity during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please check back in the upcoming days for more information and news about this years event.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Boobie-Thon will run from October 1, 2007-October 8, 2007. The main page houses covered breasts and is free for all to view. For at least a $50.00 donation one may enter the "pay per boobie" site, which includes the uncovered breasts that many will submit.

I, the typist behind Eva Bellambi, have been a past participant in the event, and will be participating again this year. In fact I have just submitted my photos for posting.

I encourage all of you to donate for this cause, whether by viewing the breasts of those who support this particular event, or by choosing to donate elsewhere. I also want to ensure that we are all reminded to, Feel Your Boobies as the ad campaign says. Perform self breast exams at least once per month, and discuss any changes with your doctor.

Be safe and well!


Gabrielle Riel said...

Dear Cousin - I fear you are now going to cause the Boobie Thon website to crash as the men (and some women) of Caledon stampede to the website in their efforts to determine which of the breasts belong to their Naughty Duchess.



Kate Nicholas, F.R.S. said...

Brava! (Pun intended.) Good on you for supporting such a wonderful cause!

I look forward to seeing your efforts ... and my human will need to decide if Yours Truly dares to make such an appearance!

As a donation is required to see the submitters in all their glory, I trust that Caledon will rise to the occasion to see one of their own, no doubt tastefully arrayed, au naturale, for a much more worthy reason than a duchess sandwich :)

Again: well done, dear Eva!

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Ah - Cousin and Lady Kate~

You have both hit the nail squarely on the head. My human's motivation in posting this is obviously to increase the traffic to the Boobie-Thon site...and thereby increase the donations for breast cancer research.

Indeed She has found some very artistic ways to display herself for the cause. Perhaps if some in Caledon visit the site and make a donation they might let me know...and if they hazard a guess, then I will be pleased to let them know if they are correct.

All support for breast cancer research is greatly needed, and certainly appreciated.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

I appreciate how you have kept us abreast of this worthy cause, your Grace. I am actually acquainted with boobiethon in advance, it is one of the organizations the Wenches' Guild at my local Renn Faire supports most avidly. You may recall our "Quest for the Chest" Pirate fest we had last Spring? :-D

Thank you for you efforts in thwarting this tragic affliction. As Lady Kate suggests, I hope your contributions causes the server to overload as many an eager Caledonian searches for you!