Sep 4, 2007

On Second Thought - Tis a Silly Place

You know it is a good night, when at the end of a long, hot Gen X Rave at Carntaigh, you receive an IM that says Desmond Shang would like you to join him in an undisclosed location for a discussion. Now mind you that in and of itself is generally pretty cool, but the real fun begins when you realize that you have arrived to find that you are there with the Viceriene, Kamilah Hauptmann, and Sir Hotspur O'Toole.

Much funny ensues....along with the serious.

And then at the end of it all, Desmond hops up on stage and begins doing the Can Can.

Well that simply cannot go unanswered! The three of us then climb up on stage and perform the synchonized Caledon Can Can.

"Like this, Des?" Kamilah and I rehearse for a few moments before my costume change.

"5, 6, 7, 8....." calls the choreographer.

"Oh yes you can Can Can!"

Brilliant! This IS a silly place. And I love it!


Eladrienne Laval said...

It's nice to see the Guvnah out having fun!