Sep 12, 2007

Caledon Lancers, Loch Avie's Own

Assembled in Port Caledon
(Thanks to Lord Primbroke for use of this photograph.)

It was with great pride that I rode with the Caledon Lancers on Monday, September 10th, through the sims of the Independent State. The troops had not yet been reviewed by me, nor had they yet paraded past the citizens of our fair land until last night.

Colonel Somme and his second in command, Lt Colonel O'Toole chose the route with great care, yet despite the best planning the lag was a difficult obstacle to overcome. But overcome they did! Pride and perseverance moved them onward. There were nice crowds all along the way from Port Caledon to Loch Avie. The Lancers received the cheers and best wishes from all they passed.

The Lancers are:
Colonel Exrex Somme
Lt. Colonel Hotspur O'Toole
Trooper Telemachus Dean
Trooper Edward Pearse
Trooper Diamanda Gustafson

I should like to have a few more pictures from this grand parade. Alas the temperament of SL did not permit such, for I was terribly out of uniform after my first crash of the evening. Let us say that the sponsor of the Lancers does NOT wear a sleeveless uniform jacket, nor does she permit her photograph to be taken with only part of her updo on her head.

However, once we were in Loch Avie and the cheers of the assembled masses died down, I was able to slip over to the distillery to compose myself.

Colonel Somme calls the troopers to attention.

Review and thanks by Loch Avie

Upon my return, the Lancers were called to attention in formation by Colonel Exrex Somme. Riding the ranks, I felt my heart swell with pride for this elite group of horsemen and women, who would - and often have - given their all for Caledon and Loch Avie.

(photo credit: Lord Primbroke)

At the end of the formal segment of the evening's festivities, we retired to the pub, where I served the first round of Uisge Beatha to all present. Many toasts later, the group settled into many discussions, jokes, and dancing. We even gained a new volunteer or two.

The (tasty?) little beastie.

Trooper Pearse (aka Lord Primbroke) even dared to show us the wild haggis he had captured that very day. He and I have been discussing the re-haggification of the Loch. I suspect we will need to ask Lady Kate of the Royal Society and my House, to provide an animal specialist to assist in this endeavor. They MUST have someone knowledgeable in the needs and ways of the wild haggis. (Poor little dear must have been scared half out of his wits as many of us discussed the finer points of cooking a haggis and particular haggis ingredients.)

At any rate - and despite, or perhaps because of - our silliness, I am honored to be the patron of the Caledon Lancers.



Hotspur O'Toole said...

Your Grace:

I have the honor of announcing that Mr. Gryffin Hax has joined our ranks, and has been outfitted in uniform and acoutriments for his rank. He is shopping for mounts as we speak.

Welcome, Trooper Hax!