Sep 20, 2007

Tournament of the Loch Avie Academy of Arms

The second major event of the Highland Fling was the Tournament of the Loch Avie Academy of Arms. Sir Telemachus took care of the details of the tournament itself - signing the combatants, determining the matches, setting the rules, and then emceeing and refereeing the event.

I was thrilled to rez the Loch Avie Sky Arena (which may yet get a gælic name) high above the loch itself. The arena had been created just for me as a possible venue for the Tournament for Life, which we held as a demonstration event and fundraiser for the Relay for Life several months ago now. Ultimately we chose another arena for that event. But the Sky Arena is now the official tournament field for the Academy of Arms. (Makes a very fine party/dancing space as well. This will be demonstrated in the very next post.)

Greeting the very first arrivals to the arena
Sir Telemachus, Miss Diamanda Gustafson, Miss Kashi Babii, His Grace Cymru.

Miss Laval prepares to battle Miss Gustafson

Battle number one went to Miss Gustafson.

A nice crowd gathers in the Loch Avie Sky Arena

Miss Poppy was paired against her love, the Duke Regent of Kintyre. To the surprise of most, he indeed did fight to win and defeated Miss Poppy in the second match.

Two members of my clan battle in match number 3. Mr. O'Toole defeated Sir ZenMondo.

Miss Babii readies herself for battle (against her father).

The battle begins - Cymru against his own daughter. Miss Babii took the match

The FINAL battle was between Miss Gustafson and Miss Babii. Miss Gustafson prevailed! She is now the Highland Fling's first champion.

Sir Telemachus announces the winner: Miss Diamanda Gustafson.

The Battle Royale begins - all comers are welcome to battle during these times.

(left to right) Miss Babii, Sir ZenMondo, Lord Primbroke, Sir Telemachus, Mr. O'toole.

The final four of the Battle Royale.

My thanks to all who participated in this event, and to those who continue to spar and practice - awaiting the next time. A reminder that the weapons system is free to all who desire to use it.