Sep 12, 2007

The Bellambi Clan Grows

It has been my pleasure for some time now to have as good friends, Lord and Lady Primbroke. While they have their own titles and are already part of the Court of Carntaigh, they do me great honor by joining my Clan. I bring them in, not with new titles for they are not necessary, but as my friends.

Mo Charaid

Lord Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke and Lady Christine McAllister-Pearse, Countess of Primbroke with Her Grace, Eva Bellambi, Duchess Loch Avie

I am also pleased to give you your first glance at my gift to Clan Bellambi. Fine kilts and skirts in my family tartan, along with brooches and sashes commissioned by me and designed by Lord Primbroke .

Brilliant work!

The designer and his pleased customer.

Such a bustle!

Lord Primbroke is very attentive to the level of detail and craftsmanship that is required for such a commission. He nearly always exceeds my expectations. As an example, the Chieftainess Brooch texture is much different from the others including my motto and the 3 feathers of the clan chief, and is worn appropriately on the right shoulder.

Mo Charaid, I am most thankful.

Those of my clan who are able to attend the Highland Fling and Cielidh have been requested to wear this as a sign of our fealty to one another at this gathering.


Lord Primbroke's clothing stores may be found in Caledon Victoria City, Steelhead, and New Babbage


Edward Pearse said...

Thank you Your Grace for such a glowing review. It's always nice to have such an appreciative patron.

Mo Charaid indeed