Feb 27, 2008

Caledon - 2 Year Anniversary

And what an incredible ride it has been!!

Thanks go to our loving and ever patient leader, Guvnah Desmond Shang. Without him there is no Caledon; there would be no "Us".

Desmond dancing his arse off at the 3rd Gala Anniversary Ball of the day

From the Caledon Wiki (and our covenant documents):

Caledon is a small, windswept forested country at a temperate latitude. Wild creatures, country estate life, sights and sounds that were common well over 100 years ago are the hallmark of the land.

Technology is approximately that of the 19th Century, though some astonishing breakthroughs have provided for incredible wonders. Ground vehicles, airships, and even a device known as a 'telehub' are made possible through the power of exotic material properties and the wonders of Steam Technology.

The government is an expansionist monarchy, supported by a strong aristocracy (i.e., residents). Caledon once offered the opportunity for residents to take their turn at "Stewardship", a post which can involve answering questions, restarting sims, banning obvious griefers &c. As the complexity of a large estate grew, the burden on one Steward's shoulders became too great, and the role is now filled by a corps of about 10 estate managers appointed by the Guvnah--some serving openly, some quietly.

As Caledon has grown, it has made contact with a number of other nations that share many of her values. Some of these nations now share direct sea passage and have formed a coalition known as the Realm of the Roses to promote their mutual interests.

But that hardly scratches the surface of what is our community; a community of Steampunks, Gun Bunnies, Victorian themed role players, inventors, socialites, builders, musicians, furries, elves, scientists (mad or otherwise), military role players, æronauts, Ruffian Kings, knights, peers, hobos, gentry, naval architects, librarians, and distillers of fine spirits among many others. We enjoy creation and creativity, celebration, a little more drama than we should, charitable causes (Relay for Life - chief among them), literacy, education, and polite society.

This growing community is far too complex to attempt to qualify or quantify in this brief musing, but know that for the last 20 months of my Second Life it has been my home and my community. We are oftimes a dysfunctional growing family, but we are in the end a family - a community. I continue to be honored to be counted among the Estate Managers for all of the Independent State, and to be able to provide the community with such support as I can.

With my love,

The crowd at the start of the Ball

Excalibur Longstaff

Our Vicereine, Kamilah Hauptmann, dances alongside the Guv

Our host, His Grace of Cymru, Viderian Vollmar
dancing with Miss Samantha Glume.
Her Grace of Carntaigh, Gabrielle Riel, dances nearby as she provides the music for the event

The Anniversary Badge
seen in picture (among others): Miss Terry Lightfoot, Dr. Oolon Sputnik, Iason Hassanov, Cornelia Rothschild

Kamilah, Desmond, and I work the dance floor

Simply lovely

Fireworks on the Firth

Enjoying the impromptu party venue provided in Middlesea by Colonel O'Toole on one of his ships. A large and jovial crowd assembled.

Toasting Caledon! (and many of her people)

Here's to many more successful years!