Feb 26, 2008

Apparently Gnarlihotep Has Really Been Working With His Penguins

Penguin Professors!!! HRONK!!!

Eat your heart out, Alton Brown!

The folks over at Brass Goggles rarely steer you wrong. I came across this post while perusing the æther today.

Over at ConceptArt.org, those terribly skilled artists are deep in the depths of the Character of the Week challenge, or CHOW once again - and this week’s challenge is a Steampunk Penguin Professor (with assistant) in the Arctic. They’re on to the final(s)...... some utterly stunning (and exceptionally charming) entries piling in......

I love the concept of the Penguin as Steampunk Professor: part mad scientist, part cuddly creature, all full of fish and vinegar. Any of these fine gentle-pengis could certainly apply to the Royal Society.

I encourage you to have a look at your earliest convenience.

Hronk! I mean....Slaínte!