Feb 7, 2008

A Letter from the Guvnah's Office

Earlier this week, I recieved a guest by the name of Mr. Syxx Craig of the Edison Corporation. He entered the house with letter of introduction from Desmond, our dear Head of State.

It seems that Mr. Craig desires to host a Masquerade Ball by way of introduction of himself and his business associates to Caledon. With the assistance of The Guvnah, he made his way to Loch Avie to determine if I might be able to lend a hand. I sat down at my writing desk in the office and checked the calendar.

"Yes. Yes, I have time to meet with you this week, sir, for a scoping meeting and to begin the initial plans. February? Hmmm. Looks as though the 22nd and 29th of the month are open." I said.

"The 22nd should suit quite nicely, Your Grace. Thank you very much." he excitedly responded.

"Very well, then. Let us meet in the Loch Avie Public House on Tuesday night - say around 8:30pm to discuss your intentions and needs."

As the gentleman rose to take his leave nodding that he would not fail to be present at that time, my assistant reappeared and handed him his coat and hat. Mr. Craig took his leave of me.

As planned, we met and discussed his desires for the event. Loch Avie will host the Masquerade on February 22nd at 7:00pm SLT. Mr. Craig has requested the use of the Conservatory a' Ghaidhealtachd. What he describes is quite a classical event. He will create most of the decoration for the ballroom, and will also have display of many of The Edison Corporation's fine ships. Mr. Craig was concerned about security at the event. I tried not to laugh too heartily in the young man's presence, but I did chuckle and add that the Loch was well defended.

"Och! Dinna fash yourself, Mr. Craig. Many who will surely be present at the occasion are loyal to Caledon and Loch Avie. There will be knights of the Order of the Red Rose, members of the Academy of Arms, and members of the Caledon First Lancers in addition to many other noble and well-armed gentlemen and ladies present."

His eyes shot up at the thought of our Caledonian ladies bearing arms. I simply smiled and laying a hand on my lap felt the dirk sitting snuggly against my thigh - held by the antique lace garter given to me by my fiesty paternal grandmother.

"I shall ensure that you are contacted by the commanders of the Lancers if you should desire something formal by way of honor guard." I said.

The Invitation created by Mr. Craig

As we continued to discuss what would be required by way of communication and invitation, building and decorating, and prim space, Mr. Craig told me that he will make arrangements for the musical selections on his own. I nodded and told him that he need only tell me to whom the parcel stream should be assigned.

We said our goodbyes, a firm timeline in place for the work and the event. I thought to myself, "how unusually nice it will be to simply provide the venue for an event." I will be pleased to provide assistance as it is needed, but am really looking forward to simply enjoying myself and the other guests while Mr. Craig and the Edison Company get to know and entertain us.

Now....I really should start shopping before I head off to the ski slopes for a week's holiday.


Telemachus said...

Security? Someone is concerned over security in Loch Avie?


I will, as always, probably miss this event in lieu of my rl family committments...and I am grieved for it (though of course rl always comes first, as you know).

Still, I anticipate no security problems, certainly not from within Caledon, and the rare griefer from without is easily expelled.

Congratulations, Duchess. All my best wishes.

Sir Tele

As always, pledged in the vigorous defense of your person and land.