Feb 8, 2008

Cool Clear Nights

Contemplating my trip to higher elevations, snow and ice, and cool, crisp air, I recalled a short poem I found a little while back. As you, my gentle readers, recall I have a love of romance and of poetry. Often my aetheric travels present me with wonderful examples of both of these concepts and I enjoy sharing them with you.

The following words are vivid examples of love and romance, and as mentioned were brought to mind as I began packing for my holiday, but are also very appropriate for the coming cherubic holiday.

I hope you will enjoy them.

A clear night.
Air still as cut crystal.
How does even the moon have your eyes?

Clear Night

author unknown

I Can't

How can I describe that which cannot be described?

How can I describe the meaning of beauty?
Or the allure of a single rose?
Or the smell of the sea?

How can I describe the impact of so many fragments of emotion
suddenly taking form and becoming one? How can I tell you the sound of a
long-hidden truth too powerful to ignore?

How can I describe the perfect beauty of that look in your eyes?

How can I describe the way you've changed my life?

I can't.